Insights for July 2018

How can retailers improve thier cash handling processes?

6 cash handling and reconciliation tips for retail employees

Cash handling and banking reconciliation can be a very time consuming task for retailers. To make matters worse, 40 per cent of retail shrinkage can be attributed to poor cash handling processes. Here are a six tips to help you improve your cash handling systems and reduce shrinkage in your retail business.

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How can you keep your documents secure?

5 ways to keep your documents secure

Keeping hard copies of documents is essential for many businesses and organisations, particularly in the current climate surrounding privacy of information. To keep sensitive information secure you need to implement the right processes and the right storage solutions. Here are five ways to secure your documents.

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See you at the Security Exhibition

The Security Exhibition & Conference will be held in Melbourne from the 25th to 27th of July. The event is the industry‚Äôs annual opportunity to showcase the most innovative solutions to the Australian market. Come to the Gunnebo stand and we will take you on a journey through a High Risk Gunnebo protected site. Come […]

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