Interlocking Door Solutions

The range of interlocking doors provides the right levels of protection including vandalism, manual attacks, ballistic or blast resistance for sensitive areas – without compromising freedom of movement for authorised individuals or efficiency of operation within the site.

SkySas, UniSas and CompacSas Interlocking Doors


CompacSas EV

Optimum security with maximum flow

In a single product, the CompacSas EV airlock provides high-performance filtering and genuine ease-of-use.

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CompacSas BA

Comfort and design for security access

The CompacSas BA is a single-unit airlock with motorised curved sliding doors, designed to provide users with maximum comfort and ease of passage.

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UniSas EV

Shielded single-person airlock

The UniSas EV is a shielded security airlock, designed to filter and protect staff working at all types of secure premises and areas for storing data or objects of value.

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UniSas BA

Physical single-person detection

The UniSas BA is a single-person airlock which comprises a door together with a security cell, the limited volume of which physically restricts the number of people who can pass through it to one at a time.

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SkySas CU

A solution to fit your needs

The aluminium SkySas CU airlock is modular and can be adapted to suit most architectural constraints while remaining in compliance with disability regulations.

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SkySas EV

The elegant solution for enhanced security

With a surface area that is 80% glass, the transparency of the SkySas EV security airlock removes any feeling of claustrophobia, ensures ease and comfort of use and is especially suited to premises that are open to the general public.

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