The Gunnebo Pass-O-Mat Entrance Gate is a unidirectional motorised swing gate originally designed for access control and customer guidance in low-level security sites, such as retail outlets and aquatic centres. It is also a valuable and cost-effective entrance solution used for disabled and trolley access or exists in security installations alongside tripod turnstiles or other products.

It is available in Right Hand, Left Hand or Double configurations available with standard arm length or extra arm length of 1200mm as an option.



Motorised swing gate for shop entrances

The Gunnebo Pass-O-Mat Entrance Gate is a
unidirectional motorised swing gate originally designed
for access control and customer guidance in retail outlets.

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Mitigate shoplifting losses with point-of-sale turnstiles

Also known as turn gates, baffle gates or automated gates, point-of-sale turnstiles are effective solutions where deterring unauthorised entry or exit is required. Shoplifting in retail outlets is a serious problem, one that U.S. retailers alone believe is responsible for an incredible 36.5% of their inventory shrinkage.

Combining the point-of-sale turnstiles or other access and foot traffic control systems offered by Gunnebo with modular post and railing solutions is a cost-efficient and effective way to help you reduce petty theft in your outlet and improve your bottom line.

With our comprehensive security solutions, you can create flow patterns for pedestrian traffic in and out of your commercial property as well as around the interior. These can be designed to direct incoming visitors towards your most desirable merchandise sections or to guide exiting patrons towards checkout stands or other employee-monitored areas.

Infinitely customisable solution to suit every need

Point-of-sale turnstiles are one of the most versatile access control systems on the market today. They can be easily integrated with any access control systems or throughput software you may already have in place, and adapted to accommodate technology such as biometric devices, ‘push the button’, card or RFID readers, and more.

They are sturdy and dependable solutions that are ideal for high-traffic areas, and they can be configured to work in only one direction or allow for bidirectional traffic as needed. They are affordable solutions, yet they blend easily with the most luxurious or professional environments.

Why a point-of-sale turnstile is a worthwhile investment

Retail turnstiles offer proprietors of commercial facilities a reliable way to control foot traffic entering and leaving their premises. This can be helpful in providing metrics about things like busiest operating times and most popular in-store deals over a period of time, as well as information that can assist first responders in the case of an emergency.

Point-of-sale turnstiles provide an effective way to lock down dormant checkout lanes. They ease the pressure on employees by managing the flow of customers through payment lanes. Turnstiles inside retail outlets are also a great way to help guide foot traffic through a store, freeing staff to focus their attention on other more important duties.

World leaders in turnstile access control systems

Whether you’re looking for access control systems for your retail outlet, office building, other commercial property, or event venue, Gunnebo has a massive range of low- to high-security solutions that can be adapted to align with your exact needs. We have been in the business for over 30 years and have installed tens of thousands of automated access control solutions across the world.

We know everything that needs to be known about monitoring, regulating and controlling the flow of pedestrians in and around your facility, be they visitors or personnel. Our solutions have been rigorously tested to ensure they offer the highest levels of safety and security while optimising pedestrian flow in the most efficient and hassle-free manner possible.

Contact our team of product experts to find out more about our retail outlet solutions, mass transit solutions, systems suited to high-risk areas and even security against hostile vehicles. Purchasing any of our products is a guarantee you’re getting only the very best in access control systems that comply with the latest in safety and security regulations.



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