Non Rated Solutions

Gunnebo are dedicated to offering our customers a wide range of products and solutions, suitable for an array of sites. The Non Rated Solutions range offered are a variety of products which are designed to compliment the current Hostile Vehicle Mitigation range offered by Gunnebo. These products range from security barriers, to automated gates and more.




Under Vehicle Security Inspection

Helios’ UVEye is the global standard solution when it comes to under vehicle scanning. An added layer of protection which helps to gain visibility, detect threats and enhance the security posture when entering a high risk site.

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Gunnebo Street Furniture

Street Furniture

Securing your building with style

Gunnebo’s solutions are engineered to work in harmony with the built environment and its surroundings.

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Augment your HVM strategies with additional non rated solutions

Our Gunnebo non rated hostile vehicle mitigation solutions are an ideal accompaniment to our other HVM products. We’re sure you’ll appreciate this wide variety of security barriers, gates, and other measures to stop attackers in their tracks.

Layer hostile vehicle mitigation strategies for increased protection

In many instances, a combination of HVM measures is preferable to give you the security and peace of mind you desire. For example, if you have a very short standoff distance between your building and its perimeter, adding an extra method of protection can be beneficial. Other advantages to supplementing our Gunnebo HVM products with these non rated products include:

  • Increased flexibility for fluctuating traffic flow daily, weekly, or seasonally
  • Ability to accommodate changes in onsite manpower and remain cost-effective
  • More aesthetically pleasing options for municipalities and public locations

Gunnebo offers both passive and active non rated HVM solutions

We have a mix of passive and active barriers in our Gunnebo non rated hostile vehicle mitigation equipment. Passive barriers are fixed in one point, whilst active barriers (also known as automated or retractable barriers) can move, and there are pros and cons to each type of HVM method. Our experts welcome the opportunity to help you select the best non rated solutions for your individual needs when augmenting your other HVM products.

Explore our non rated HVM solutions

Vehicle undercarriage inspection

Much of hostile vehicle mitigation is focused on a barrier approach to stop the entry of unwanted cars and trucks or require them to present proper credentials before proceeding. In many high-risk locations, additional screening of the underside of vehicles can give you increased security before these vehicles enter sensitive areas.

Undercarriage inspection, such as with the UVEye, is essential for border ports of entry, government facilities, prisons, and other sites where the smuggling of IEDs, weapons, and drugs is both more frequent and more dangerous. This HVM strategy is easy to integrate with existing security measures for an added layer of protection.


We understand there are scenarios where operating costs need to be minimised in terms of both security barriers and manpower. The Gunnebo BoomTech is an ideal solution for cost-effectiveness whilst still affording users significant security.

The boom barrier can be installed on its own and is ideal for locations with a high flow of traffic. Higher-risk sites likely want to use the optional spike barrier for added control and prevention of theft. BoomTech solutions can be customised in multiple ways for any site’s specific needs.


Gunnebo offers a variety of non rated gates in different sizes and configurations for your HVM requirements and the level of security desired. You can choose between automatic sliding gates — fast gates that open and close quickly to discourage tailgating (an unwanted vehicle slipping in an open gate directly behind an authorised vehicle) — and swing gates built to withstand aggressive impact.

Are you unsure which gate is right for your facility? Let our team help you choose the best model for your usage.

Road blockers

Road blockers are excellent for high-level security of restricted areas and can effectively augment gates and barriers at embassies, borders, nuclear power plants, and other institutions with the need for the utmost in access control.

These HVM solutions can provide a visual deterrent to vehicles simply by their presence and distinctive markings. When necessary, they are a physical barrier to unauthorised vehicles. Retractable road blockers can be deployed or lowered as needed for greater flexibility.

Our Gunnebo road blockers are available in a variety of sizes and widths to suit a wide range of scenarios, including commercial and industrial locations where extra large trucks are present. In lower-risk situations, you may prefer a road blocker to a barrier arm or gate.

Street furniture

When aesthetics and public perception are important, you can secure your building with style using our line of street furniture in our hostile vehicle mitigation product catalogue. Made to blend harmoniously with their surroundings, these bollards are easy to install and cost-effective when it comes to protecting shopping areas, entertainment venues, and public parks.

Get in touch for more information about our non rated HVM solutions

Our expert team is ready to assist you with non rated HVM products to increase your security. To tell us about your property and learn more, ring Gunnebo in Australia on 1800 164 448 or in New Zealand on 09 415 0825. You can also contact us anytime online using our easy contact form.

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Gunnebo Street Furniture

Street Furniture

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Safeguard your Business at it’s core

The use of strong rooms to protect business assets

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Gunnebo’s stringent testing procedures for windows, doors, shutters and blinds.


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Situational Security

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