Mass Transit Solutions

Combining high passenger throughput and elevated security

The Gunnebo team is made up of mass transit security specialists, each with the expertise and understanding required to achieve formidable solutions for you and your organisation. This means recognising the combined aims of this industry — achieving optimal passenger throughput while hitting the very highest levels of security at all times.

Now more than ever, commercial and private customers need to be able to get from points A to B with ease and reliability. The modern global economy is built upon this need, and it is up to organisations like yours to rise to the challenge. At the same time, however, security concerns have never been greater. It’s all about striking the perfect balance — and this is where Gunnebo comes in.

We deliver an array of flexible yet robust products designed to make life easier for mass transit operators like you and your team. We make it simple to maximise transactions and keep passengers moving on their journey. At the same time, we put security and safety first, putting you in command as you retain complete control over access to your entire network.

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Airports and Aviation

Optimising The Passenger Experience
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High passenger throughput and effective prevention of fare evasion.
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Mass Transit Solutions

Our solutions are built to rise to the challenge across the diverse mass transit space. Our clients provide bus, train, and ferry services to their customers or manage aviation connections that meet travel and logistical needs on a global level. Here at Gunnebo, we have developed products that protect and defend all of these different modes of transportation without creating performance issues or throughput bottlenecks.

Whether you are looking for automated ticketing gates to achieve a reliable flow of passengers or are searching for solutions that detect and defend against harmful items or behaviours, Gunnebo is the team to call. We adopt a comprehensive approach to security, designing and implementing solutions that are as seamless as they are effective. With us in your corner, nothing is left to chance, even over more complex, multi-location operational environments.

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