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Gunnebo have delivered security solutions into a range of facilities and public spaces on a global basis. We have great experience in understanding the operating environment in places such as embassies, critical infrastructure, stadiums, airports, retail and mass transit, each with their own specific requirements and a need for security to be integrated into their business model.

We focus on making people safe and secure whilst at the same time making security for all intents and purposes invisible. Implementing coherent security is underpinned by the resources used for surveillance, flow organisation and physical barriers all complimenting each other as part of the same overall approach to security levels.

Gunnebo’s experience includes many locations across the Globe, more specifically across the Asia-Pacific in a variety of organization’s such as, High Risk Federal and Local Government locations, Retail Customers, Commercial sites, National and Global clients, Airports, Stadiums and Rail Stations.

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Product Solutions

Entrance Control

Gunnebo is the world’s leading specialist in entrance control solutions and manufacture indoor and outdoor turnstiles.

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Security Doors, Windows & Partitions

Security doors, interlocking doors, security partitions and transaction windows developed to protect people, buildings & property.

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions are designed to protect perimeters and access points of critical infrastructure & public places.

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Safes & Vaults

Gunnebo Australia is the exclusive importer and distributor of Chubbsafes range of Fire & Security rated Safe & Vault Products.

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Return To Work Solutions

Gunnebo can help with contact-less entry, people management and flow Innovation may have never been so important.

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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions 2

High Risk Sites

Infrastructure is vitally important for the operation of modern companies. If there is a fault, the consequences can be significant for energy or water supply services, communications or the availability of public services, resulting in major economic or public security problems.

Protecting each sensitive site should be unique: it will be determined by the type of activity carried out, its environment, flows of property and people, local reaction capacity and the potential impact on business and the company’s reputation in the event of an accident or attack.

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Industry Solutions

Stadiums and Sporting Facilites

You’ve organised your mates, bought tickets and headed to the stadium. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy the show. Not so fast though – there’s a massive queue. Whether it’s a concert or a sporting competition, nothing puts a damper on attending an event more than waiting ages to get into the venue.

Fast and efficient entry is paramount to customer experience, but strong security is also essential to your venue. Gunnebo is a global provider of security solutions and services for Sports Grounds, Leisure Centres and Entertainment Venues. Our solutions reduce losses, increase profits and maximise results.

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Industry Solutions 4

Office & Public Buildings

Office and Buildings often have the challenge of managing a large number of visitors in and around restricted and non-restricted areas. Maintaining a balance between the right level of security and allowing the necessary flow of people to, from and around a site is crucial.

Gunnebo designs and implements progressive solutions which form part of a system approach in which the resources used compliment each other. Gunnebo solutions include a range of entrance control, perimeter protection and security doors, windows and partitions products. Our security approach is underpinned by coherence and the operational maintenance of resources used to manage risks incurred, the aim being to deliver an optimum protection system that is upgradable and future proof.

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Mass Transit

Whether you are travelling via air, sea, train, or any other form of public transportation, there is a desire for a fast and simple boarding and disembarking.

Gunnebo have a range of efficient public transit solutions which are designed to increase people flow and customer satisfaction whilst creating an automated, simple use experience. These solutions include airport self-boarding gates, anti-return gates, metro ticketing gates and ticketing turnstiles.

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Some Industries We Serve

Data Centres

Deemed as Critical Infrastructure within Australia, Data Centres need to be protected at all costs.

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Public Buildings

Public and Commercial Buildings often have the challenge of managing a large number of visitors in and around restricted and non-restricted areas.

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Pharmaceutical Storage

Storage of highly demanded and crucial goods such as pharmaceuticals and controlled drugs should be to the highest security standards.

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Areas of Mass Gathering

Areas of mass gathering are often at heightened risk of a planned attack, meaning these spaces require protection and mitigation solutions.

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Today's airports are not just locations where passengers get on and off aircraft. Highest security standards have to be followed, cost-driven efficiency must be achieved and the best passenger experience provided in this very competitive environment.

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Gyms and Leisure Centres

Sleek and automated access control to prevent tail-gating into highly frequented areas such as gyms and leisure centres.

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Retail and Department Stores

Retail solutions for grocery stores and shops to protect your customers, staff and inventory with infection control, social distancing and theft prevention.

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Case Studies

Building Long Lasting Partnerships to Future-Proof Business at NEXTDC

To ensure success when developing such a large number of complex facilities, NEXTDC align themselves with trusted partners who assist them in achieving their brand promise of Power, Secure and Connect.

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Safeguarding the Public at The Entrance City Centre

A highly frequented tourist hotspot in NSW had a desire to protect civilians through non-invasive Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions.

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Protecting the Workplace with High Security Entrance Solutions at Melbourne Quarter Building 2.

Safety and Security is the priority. With a growing number of tenants, the need to manage the flow of people to ensure seamless entry and exit to the building is a must.

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