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Swing Gates: Access Control Where You Need It Most

Gunnebo swing gates provide reliable access control to your entrance, with sophisticated designs that are aesthetically pleasing yet do not compromise on security. Our solutions offer a visual deterrent against intruders along with high-tech features that can raise alarms for your staff in real-time. Our swing gates and turnstiles blend into the surrounding environment to keep your area aesthetically pleasing. When you integrate access control solutions, you are able to control pedestrian traffic flow whilst maximising the security of building entrances.

Swing Gates

GlasStile-S Swing Gate

GlasStile-S Detect Swing Gate

Motorised entrance gate with fraud detection for internal installation

GlasStile S Detect is an internal security entrance gate with efficient detection algorithms comprising a steel column with single glass leaf, which opens with a smooth motorised action.

The GlasStile-S Detect includes a sensor module installed on the top of the column which allows the counting of people.
This enables advanced functionality of the GlasStile-S Detect to count a person through and close the door after they have passed and also to provide fraud detection including tailgating.  With this detection capability, either a single column can be used or 2 columns can be installed in tandem.

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GlasStile S Swing Gates

GlasStile-S Swing Gate

Motorised entrance swing gate for internal installation

The GlasStile-S is a motorised Swing Gate for many types of entrances designed for internal installation. This internal security entrance gate features a robust steel column with a single glass leaf, which opens with a smooth motorised action, providing a seamless and elegant solution for controlled access.

Ideal for enhancing the security of any indoor environment, the GlasStile-S Swing Gate combines functionality with sleek aesthetics. Its motorised mechanism ensures quick and efficient access, making it perfect for high-traffic areas where speed and reliability are essential.

Whether installed in an office building, a corporate headquarters, or a secure facility, the GlasStile S swing gate offers a sophisticated approach to managing entry. Its durable construction and smooth operation make it a reliable choice for ensuring both security and convenience.

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 Swing Gates: Security with a Touch of Class

Our physically tested swing gates are suitable anywhere you have high people flow. They provide uncompromised security, maximizing reliability where it’s needed most, ultimately preventing unauthorised access to your building’s most sensitive areas.
For high pedestrian flow rate areas, our tripod turnstiles or point-of-sale turnstiles may be just what your facility needs.

If you need high security, our security booths and full-height turnstiles may provide that extra layer of protection. Our team can increase protection through products such as access cards and biometrics.

Maximise Efficiency with Gunnebo’s Detection Module’s & Interface’s

  • Integrated Time of Flight sensors to provide passage counting and fraud detection.
  • Radar sensor installed in exit direction to allow free exit if required.
  • It can interface with any card reader, remote control, emergency pushbutton, or other access control system to secure gate access.


Selecting the right level of security for your building is a big responsibility. Contact Gunnebo today to schedule your free consultation.

Elegant and sophisticated design combined with the best technology available makes our Swing Gate suitable for all areas where aesthetic values, excessive flow, maximum reliability and uncompromised security are high in demand. By integrating access control devices, our swing gates provide high security and capacity in one solution that effectively prevents unauthorised passage. Our Swing Gates are also available in extra wide versions that comply with Disabled Access requirements.

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GlasStile-S Swing Gate

GlasStile-S Detect Swing Gate

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GlasStile S Swing Gates

GlasStile-S Swing Gate

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