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Reduced Shrinkage & Loss Prevention in Retail- SpeedStile: ICA Maxi, Lindhagen

Background ICA is one of Sweden’s leading supermarkets accounting for roughly one half of all groceries sold in the country. ICA has around 2,000 shops located all over Sweden ranging from small convenience stores to large out-of-town hypermarkets. Most of ICA’s stores are owned and run separately with central co-ordination from the ICA Group. Download […]

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Security & Design in Unison- Speed Gate: Microsoft, Lyngby

Background Microsoft’s Danish headquarters are located in Lyngby near Copenhagen and are home to around about 900 employees within sales and development. The offices are built for flexibility. There are fewer desks than employees but plenty of meeting rooms and communal areas. The goal is to encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas. Henning Larsen Architects […]

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Fast, Secure & Efficient Cash Management- SafeCash Retail Station: Meander Medical Center

Background Meander Medical Center is a leading clinical healthcare provider employing over 3,000 professional staff and 200 medical specialists. It runs hospitals in the Netherlands and provides care to around 320,000 local inhabitants. Medical data provider, Elsevier, named Meander as one of the best hospitals in the Netherlands in its 2015 report. In Amersfoort, Meander […]

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Improved Branch Efficiency & Member Experience- SafeRecycling: KEMBA Credit Union

Background KEMBA Credit Union is a leading member-owned financial cooperative located in the greater Cincinnati area. KEMBA, also known as Kroger Employee Mutual Benefits Association, was founded in 1933 by a group of employees from The Kroger Company – one of the largest retailers in the world today. Today, KEMBA has nearly $1 billion in […]

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Swift & Secure Payment of Cash- SafePay: Intermarché Tournai

Background The Intermarché Brand Intermarché supermarkets were founded in France in 1969. The brand has grown considerably since then and today operates around 1,800 stores in France plus a further 2,300 in other parts of Europe. Its shops range from massive, out-of-town hypermarkets to small, rural convenience stores. Intermarché was introduced into Belgium in 1991 […]

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