The Latest GlasStile Range

Motorised swing entrance gates designed for internal installation

Gunnebo have launched two new products to market – the GlasStile-S; a revised version of our previous swing gate and the GlasStile-S Detect; a new fraudulent detecting swing gate.

Easy to install in any building reception area without taking up valuable space or compromising the aesthetic, whether installed in an office building, a corporate headquarters, or a secure facility, the GlasStile-S range of speed gates offer a sophisticated approach to managing entry. The GlasStile-S entrance gates are low impact and aesthetically pleasing for a simultaneous integration into their surrounds.

In addition to being a low footprint entrance control product, the revised GlasStile-S has been designed to use 52% less energy than the original GlasStile – meaning lower energy costs and a positive impact on the environment!


Ideal for installation:
  • Office buildings
  • Stadium or arena VIP areas
  • Leisure centres
  • University cafeterias
  • Health clinics and hospitals

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