Office and Public Building Solutions

Offices and Public Buildings are dynamic and busy environments, supporting a wide range of functions and operations. From commercial buildings through to public-facing government agencies, these environments tend to display the same features — high numbers of visitors and onsite personnel and large amounts of valuable assets that need to be protected.

This can result in a chaotic situation that can be difficult to manage and potentially put assets and personnel at risk. Gunnebo provides the answer, delivering expert and specialised protection for Office and Public Building environments.

With Gunnebo’s solutions, you gain control of your entire building, from reception areas through to restricted zones. This means you can deploy a large, sophisticated, and impressive reception facility for your visitors without sacrificing security and safety at your office or public building.

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Protecting large masses of students
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Public and Commercial Buildings

Security Solutions for Public and Commercial Buildings
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Museums and Attractions

Securing environments without compromising freedom of movement
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Entrance Control

Support flexible working arrangements by enabling personnel to come and go safely and securely at any time of day. Incorporate the latest interior design trends and architectural flourishes into your reception lobbies without compromising on security and protection. Reduce the cost and resource intensity of protecting your building with guard staff and supervisory teams. These are just a few of the advantages of Gunnebo’s entrance control solutions for your office or public building.

Your office space needs to be agile yet secure. Your teams need to be effective and efficient yet safe. Your clients and visitors need a great experience and complete protection. Here at Gunnebo, we make all these happen with Speed Gates and Revolving Doors, as well as a wealth of other solutions designed with easy, secure access in mind. There’s no need to compromise — security does not need to mean inefficiency when you choose our solutions.

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) is designed to protect your personnel, visitors, facilities, assets, and security solutions themselves. Malicious actors and criminals can use vehicles to damage security barriers and entrance points, gaining access to your office space or public building and putting personnel and property at risk. HVM solutions eliminate this threat, providing optimal peace of mind in all cases.

We adopt a strict and stringent testing process for our solutions, ensuring that they are up to the task of defending against attacks — even attacks involving vehicles. This means analysing our HVM solutions against international specifications such as PAS 68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM F2656. By testing these solutions to destruction and understanding precisely how tough and robust they are, we are able to provide unparalleled protection around your perimeter while shoring up security weak points at entrances and exits. These solutions are in place across Australia and elsewhere around the world.

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High Security Entry

Testing and certification are crucial to what we do here at Gunnebo. All of our clients — including those operating office spaces and public buildings — need to be able to rely on the solutions we deliver. With this in mind, we make sure our products adhere to the very highest international standards so that nothing is left to chance when it comes to secure access and asset protection.

Wherever you are based and whatever your needs, we have the solution for you. This includes low energy consumption solutions, fitted with insulating panels that lower the carbon footprint of your facility. In addition, we deliver manual attack resistant models and ballistic resistant products to optimise protection across your site. Don’t leave anything to chance and don’t compromise. Choose Gunnebo.

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