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Gunnebo is the global manufacturer and distributor of Chubbsafes branded products. Gunnebo Australia is the exclusive importer and distributor of the premium Chubbsafes range of Fire and Security rated Safe & Vault Products.

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Safe Deposit Lockers

Gunnebo offers self-service SDL solutions, improved locker management and traditional SDL columns for bank vaults
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Vaults & Doors

Gunnebo provide certified strong rooms and strong room doors for high-level bank security
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Security Containers

Providing security for other valuable items which need to be kept under lock and key
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Fire Resistant Data & Document Cabinets

Protecting valuables from burglary and fire is our business.
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Commercial Safes

We understand the importance of protecting the valuables of your business.
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Home & Small Business Safes

Our extensive knowledge & expertise has helped us to be one of the world’s leading safe suppliers.
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array(2) { ["icon"]=> int(6373) ["text"]=> string(42) "Robustness, Reliability and Modern Designs" }
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Robustness, Reliability and Modern Designs
array(2) { ["icon"]=> int(6365) ["text"]=> string(55) "Certified and Tested to Highest International Standards" }
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Certified and Tested to Highest International Standards
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Globally Renowned
array(2) { ["icon"]=> int(6375) ["text"]=> string(18) "200 Years Heritage" }
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200 Years Heritage

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