The Latest ISO Standards for HVM


There are currently two key standards within Australian for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation that are the most widely referred to when it comes to guidance in finding suitable products and strategies for protecting crowded places and other high security environments .These standards are PAS68 and IWA 14-1. These particular standards have been designed to assist owners and operators of crowded places across the globe to have a clear and concise understanding of their primary responsibilities when it comes to protecting sites against potential threats. The Australian National Security department has developed a strategy for protecting crowded places; meaning owners and operators must take active steps to protect people that work, use or visit these locations from a range of foreseeable threats, including terrorism.

As society and terrorism threat levels change, so does the need for the the worldwide and therefore Australian standards surrounding Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. The Technical Committee ISO/TC 292, Security and Resilience have revised the standards, which has immediate impact on how solutions are identified, rated and specified.

The Key Information:

  • The latest standard is split in two parts, and now called ISO 22343-1:2023; and ISO 2243-2 2023;
  • IWA 14-1:2023 has been replaced with the latest ISO 22343-1:2023 first edition; IWA14-2 has been replaced by ISO22343-2 2023;
  • PAS 68 and PAS69 had been previously superseded by IWA14-1 and IWA14-2.

The Main Standard Changes:

  • The document has been brought into line with modern technology and practices;
  • All figures have been reviewed and surface-placed barriers have been explicitly identified;
  • Additional reporting of furthest part of vehicle beyond vehicle security barrier datum;
  • There has been a general review of all text and structure to provide clarification to test houses and other interested parties.
So what does this mean for the industry?

Products will no longer be rated under IWA 14-1:2023 and PAS 68 but will be replaced by ISO2234-1 2023. The new terminology and regulations when it comes to deploying HVM are must-know’s for individuals or groups working on HVM projects. Having an understanding of how the standards work, why they are designed in such a way, what the benefits are, etc, is information critical to ensuring your security posture is designed to not only secure your site, but provide long-lasting protection.

At Gunnebo, we pride ourselves on being the trusted advisor within the market place; We want to provide our clients with up to date, relevant information so they can make informed decisions when designing their HVM security envelope.

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Will Thickett

Associate Principal | Security & Risk Australasia Regional Discipline Leader

Will is a chartered engineer who has spent his career working on the protection of government facilities in the UK, Africa as well as the Middle East. Since 2011, Will moved to Australia and has grown a Security and Risk team at Arup that specialises in the protection of crowded places using engineering to support an evidence / design based approach to hostile vehicle mitigation. Will is passionate about working collaboratively with design colleagues to protect assets and people while also making sure they are attractive places to visit

Stewart Miller

HVM Specialist - Gunnebo Australia

Specializing in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions, Stewart has a deep understanding of the importance of people, perimeter and asset protection. Stewart has 6 years’ experience handling and delivering an array of highly sensitive projects across the globe, with the assistance of his worldwide industry leading partners.  Stewart’s ability to consult on and deliver value to projects has seen him evolve into a trusted advisor within the HVM space. Staying updated with market and industry trends has allowed Stewart and his partners to develop a product paving the way for change within the HVM landscape.

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