Simplifying Fans’ Mobility – Fast and Secure Solutions for Sporting and Entertainment Venues

Stadiums, arenas and amusement parks; three entirely unique venues, all with a common thread – entertainment! Each of these venues offers its patrons a unique and memorable experience, which all starts at the entrance.

How Gunnebo delivers:

We are passionate about delivering high security solutions designed to protect your venue, staff and visitors alike; without impeding on the freedom of movement and customer experience. Our product range for the entertainment industry is highly adaptable and can be customised to ensure an optimal secured solution for your site.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Beginning at the perimeter, precautionary security such as bollards can be installed to mitigate against a potential vehicle attack in an area of mass gathering, such as a stadium, arena or amusement park.

Secuirty Bollards Mcdonald Jones Stadium Nsw


Entrance Control

There are various entrance points that may need to be safeguarded and have automated entrance control solutions installed. At public access locations like the main entrance gates, your traditional turnstiles could be installed, or you could opt for a more upscale alternative like the PreSec gate – both of which integrate with QuikScan ticketing or third party ticketing softwares. There also may be a need to secure staff entrance points with full height turnstiles, or VIP areas with SpeedStiles.

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Gunnebo offer their own ticketing software, QuikScan; which allows for ticket validation, reporting and various other features designed to streamline your admission process.

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Why choose us?

Gunnebo is at the very forefront of Entrance and Perimeter Control technologies, supplying solutions that create secure environments without compromising any freedom of movement. Through many years of global experience has gained extensive knowledge within the stadia and arena sector to derive a range of facility gates suitable to withstand the rigours of use; combining heavy passenger throughput, the need for reliability, robustness, and prevention of unauthorised access.

This is achieved through intelligent design, offering high efficiency operation and low running costs, all of which helps to protect the operator’s capital investment and future operational costs. Gunnebo has the ability to offer solutions which are fully customizable to suit the customer’s specific requirements; including cabinet aesthetics, functionality and firmware interfacing with the operator’s ticketing and access control system or external perimeter protection.

The vision when designing the solution packages for venues is to simplify mobility across the board when visiting a premise. Gunnebo have more than 200 reference sites world-wide in the stadia and venues industry, where purpose built solutions aimed at protecting and increasing people flow within these multi-functional complexes.

Disneyland Gunnebo Entrance And Ticketing System


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