Gunnebo Integration Capabilities

“Enhancing your traditional access control to integrate with high-quality technologies ensures an advanced security posture, an ever-important step in futureproofing your site.”


So, what are the benefits to choosing Gunnebo Entrance Control?

  • Design your access control to suit the needs of your business.
  • Capable products that allow you to use in-house or third party access control software.
  • Flexibility surrounding installation.
  • Years experience integrating our Entrance Control gates with access control systems.
  • Enhances your security posture.
  • Futureproof your business with advanced technologies.
  • Can provide real-time data, control and statistics for your sites, no matter your location.


Integration Deep Dive

Let’s take a look at some of the available possibilities there are when it comes to Gunnebo Entrance Control gates integrating with software or access control systems.

Software From Gunnebo

In a modern world, we are moving deeper and deeper into a #digital first society. As we have often heard, “there’s an app for that”. Our smartphones and devices replace our keys, tickets, money, and much more besides, and this is changing the way we live and work.

Physical keys, and the like are becoming redundant, as technology, convenience, and efficiency navigate the path to a #connected and technologically advanced way forward.

#Innovation has been occurring at a speedy rate, with more tech advances happening than ever before. We are now experiencing a world in which remote working has become normal and time and space constructs are not as linear and defined as they once were.

Meet EntraLinq – the innovative remote monitoring app for smart access control has landed; changing the way that building security is managed to provide greater flexibility and insight.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition #technology is coming to play an increasingly important role in Australian society. With this technology developing at such rapid pace, alongside other technologies such as biometrics and AI, it is important to be ahead of the curve and keep your systems updated.

Gunnebo entrance control solutions are capable of being fit out with a range of facial recognition and biometric readers to enhance overall security and provide high risk sites, such as Government facilities, with a layered #security approach.

You can see in our example below, the gate is fitted with a Teracom facial recognition unit. The user approaches, places his face within the frame, it is recognized and passage is granted. The time taken from the users face being placed in frame to the gate registering the user and granting access is a mere 2 seconds; meaning people flow is not impeded.


Fingerprint scanning

#Biometrics such as fingerprint scanning is becoming more and more popular when it comes to security. As the skill level to replicate fingerprints is extreme, this is a great way to add an additional layer of security to protecting a site or assets.

Customer, NEXTDC, have all sites fitted out with fingerprint scanning, RFID and access passes to gain entry into one of the Gunnebo HiSec 9′s, ultimately allowing access into restricted areas. The three level multi-factor authentication that has been installed across these sites assists NEXTDC on delivering their brand promise of security; as unauthorized individuals physically cannot gain access to their data halls without passing these identification markers.


Access Control Card Readers

Card readers are one of the most common and well-known access control methods to integrate with SpeedStiles and other Entrance Control solutions. Site’s issue cards validated to individuals which allow them to gain access to authorized areas without the need for a security guard or receptionist manually signing them in.

Card access allows for near complete automation, #visibility and control over who has access to a site and when.


Other Solutions and Integrations

Some other integration options include; people counters, key pads, token collectors, ticket validators, cameras, and more.

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