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Ensuring the security of your property, employees, guests, suppliers, contractors and other visitors is a crucial aspect of running a facility or business or managing government affairs. With security gates and other hostile vehicle mitigation solutions by Gunnebo, you can secure all entry and exit points and control the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Gunnebo is a global leader that provides commercial and industrial-grade security gates, security bollards, security barriers, and road blockers for various settings and industries. These include banking and finance, industrial plants and warehouses, government offices, the military, embassies, airports, gated communities, and many others.

Engineered to Last

At Gunnebo, our high-security gates are designed, engineered, and constructed to meet stringent quality standards. They’re built to withstand the test of time and protect your establishment from crashes and intrusions. We have an extensive range of aesthetically pleasing, physically tested, high-quality security gates designed to meet the security requirements of various facilities and properties. Our range of security gates include both physically tested and untested products.

Innovative Security Gates for Every Need

Security gates are a critical element of ensuring property perimeter safety and integrity. Make sure your staff, guests, property, and other assets are protected by using Gunnebo security products and solutions.

Call today for a security audit so that we can tailor a solution for your unique requirements.



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For high-level protection, security gates from Gunnebo are a smart choice

Security gates are one of the best ways to make sure your location is safe for employees, guests, contractors, and other visitors. They also guard against theft and vandalism, making them a top hostile vehicle mitigation option. When you choose security gates from Gunnebo, alone or in conjunction with other HVM measures, you can secure all entry and exit points.

Security gates control both vehicle and pedestrian traffic

With some HVM products like bollards and boom barriers, vehicles will be deterred, but there are still openings through which pedestrians can enter. However, when you secure access points with security gates, you screen out both vehicles and people.

If you’re going to use only one level of hostile vehicle mitigation and are concerned with comprehensive protection of your location, a security gate is probably your best choice. For even greater control of access, many of our clients combine security gates with other HVM products, including boom barriers, fast gates, and vehicle undercarriage inspection.

What types of properties benefit from security gates?

Virtually any type of business, government facility, or public venue can take advantage of the extra protection afforded by Gunnebo security gates. Some of the clients we work with who appreciate this level of hostile vehicle mitigation include:

  • Banks and financial organisations
  • Warehouses and industrial plants
  • Government and military facilities
  • Airports and transportation stations
  • Private residential communities
  • Corporate offices
  • Foreign embassies
  • Correctional institutions

If you feel your property requires the highest level of protection, a security gate should be included in your HVM protocols.

Gunnebo security gates have many advantages for users

In addition to their increased level of control, security gates from Gunnebo afford many benefits for users in all sectors and of all sizes.

Engineered to meet stringent quality standards

You can rest assured that high-security gates from Gunnebo are engineered and constructed to meet extremely strict standards for the industry in order to protect your establishment from crashes, intrusions, and attacks. When you review our selection of security gates, you’ll see all the specifications outlined under each product.

We also offer a range of non rated hostile vehicle mitigation products, including several types of gates. In situations of lower security risk, you may wish to use these gates on their own. For higher levels of security, you can combine these non rated solutions with our crash-tested models to layer HVM measures for increased protection and greater standoff distance with potentially hostile vehicles.

Innovative gates for every security need

You’ll find Gunnebo’s security gates have been selected to meet a variety of HVM needs, including:

Our models are available in a range of widths and other customisation elements to give you the look and security you desire.

Easy integration with other security protocols and HVM measures

Our team are experts at helping organisations of all kinds choose the right hostile vehicle mitigation security gates for their needs. We also assist our clients when it comes to combining HVM products or integrating our security measures with existing access controls, such as card and biometric readers.

Contact Gunnebo today to arrange for your security audit

Whether you have questions about security gates or want to schedule a security audit at your site, our professionals are waiting to hear from you. Ring Gunnebo in Australia on 1800 164 448 or in New Zealand on 09 415 0825. You may also feel free to contact us online anytime via our message form.

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