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  • Simon West

    Government and National Security Lead - Security Consulting Group
  • Michael Brookes

    Managing Director - Gunnebo Australia
  • Stewart Miller

    HVM Specialist - Gunnebo Australia

Changing the HVM Landscape

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The Hostile Vehicle Mitigation protective security discipline is a rapidly growing business, with risks associated with terrorist and criminal acts continuously increasing across the world. With heightened threats in public and community spaces, technology and innovation must continue to evolve with the changing market. Armed with the industry knowledge, Gunnebo’s Stewart Miller had an ambition to pave the way across the HVM the market through new technology which would change the landscape of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation world.

In January 2020, Stewart had a concept, a small idea, a way to bring innovation to life, but wasn’t sure exactly how to bring his vision to life. He went to his immediate team and shared the notion to the group, where Stewart was supported to investigate how to immerge the idea to fruition. There were key factors to the project that needed to be investigated and implemented for the product to be crash-rated to the HVM industry standard. With the knowledge of these portions of the project, Stewart began working alongside a few of Gunnebo’s partners to dissect the required components.

Engineering began to build the product from the ground up, but just building the product wasn’t enough. There needed to be confidence instilled for partners and consumers alike to truly believe in the research initiative that was being implemented into this invention. The decision was made to compile engineering simulations to support the crash rating of the product. With multiple individuals located around the globe working on this project, the team had to ensure that the vision remained one and the same among the group. After months of engineering, the product was ready to be tested to industry standards. A nerve-racking moment for all involved, the make or break moment. Although the team were confident in the product and its ability, it was certainly a tipping point in the project.

With the product now successfully crash rated, it was the pinnacle for the project. A notional idea thought up to change the HVM landscape was now alive. Months of hard work put into designing and engineering a concept, was near complete. A brilliant result for all involved, paving the way through innovative design and initiatives. The product boasts flexibility in design and install, increasing the value proposition created.

Industry expert guest speaker Simon West also gives us an extensive look at the current and future of the HVM market, giving us greater understanding of where this product shall be able to fill gaps in the market. You can now watch the full webinar above.

Simon West

Government and National Security Lead - Security Consulting Group

Experienced protective security practitioner, Simon has contributed to a multitude of National and International security programs through specialist government security capabilities. With Simon’s strong Government network, it has seen him conduct many major critical infrastructure reviews. In addition, he has worked on National protective security programs. Simon has attributed to National security guidance material as State advisor on crowded places protection and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation strategies.

Michael Brookes

Managing Director - Gunnebo Australia

A highly strategic and structured leader, Michael has an extensive background in developing and executing visions and strategies. With over 20 years’ experience within the security industry, Michael has a detailed knowledge base, allowing him to accurately lead his team to advise on practical, secured solutions, based on current market trends across a multitude of industries.

Stewart Miller

HVM Specialist - Gunnebo Australia

Specializing in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions, Stewart has a deep understanding of the importance of people, perimeter and asset protection. Stewart has 6 years’ experience handling and delivering an array of highly sensitive projects across the globe, with the assistance of his worldwide industry leading partners.  Stewart’s ability to consult on and deliver value to projects has seen him evolve into a trusted advisor within the HVM space. Staying updated with market and industry trends has allowed Stewart and his partners to develop a product paving the way for change within the HVM landscape.

Industry Expert Webinar presented by Gunnebo Australia.

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