Road Blockers

Our high security vehicle products consist of crash-rated bollards, crash-rated gates, Wedge Barriers Road blocker, Tyre Killers, Barrier Lift Systems and Truckstoppers. Perfect for installation in embassies, ministries, military sites and nuclear power plants. All our security products are tested to the American and British norm; DOS K12 and PAS 68 many are SCEC Endorsed.

Road Blockers

Rb880 Shallow Road Blocker 14

RB880CR Defender Road Blocker

Ideal where deeper foundations are not possible or practical

The road blocker arrested a 7500kg vehicle traveling at 80kph (50mph) with zero penetration of the vehicle.

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Rb700 Feature

RB700 Road Blocker

Providing an effective method of securely controlling vehicle access

Ideal solution for sites that require a higher level of security; the distinctive markings of the road blocker provide a visual deterrent to unauthorised vehicles.

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Gunnebo Rb680 Road Blocker 4 1

RB680 Road Blocker

Ideal for industrial or commercial sites where larger vehicles operate

Providing an effective method of securely controlling vehicle access to the restricted area as an alternative to a rising arm barrier or sliding gate.

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Avon Rb780cr Chieftain Road Blocker 3

RB780CR K4 Chieftain Road Blocker

Providing a high level of security against unauthorised vehicle access

A Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solution providing protection to sites from Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack.

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Rb780 Road Blocker 32 Copy

RB780CR Chieftain Road Blocker

Providing protection to sites from extreme Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack

Independently, structurally evaluated by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and has also been physically tested in a number of full-scale impact tests conducted in accordance with PAS 68 by the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA).

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RB980CR Sabre Surface Road Blocker

Providing temporary high-level protection where sub-surface foundations are not practical

The road blocker is PAS 68 impact tested hostile vehicle mitigation solution that is simply bolted to the roadway, an effective means of securing a site quickly without the need for any civil works.

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Ex750 Cat2 Barrier Cropped

Security Barriers

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Cedar Gate 3
3. Bollards 1024x768

Security Bollards

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