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Gunnebo’s boom barriers and spikes are the ideal solution for unmanned vehicle access control. Suitable for applications with medium to high traffic flow the Gunnebo automatic vehicle boom barriers easily integrate with access control or fare collection.

One of the distinguishing features is their simplicity of assembly. The Barrier Lift System fulfils the highest safety levels and is certified to DOS K12 and PAS 68. Vehicles or trucks with high speed are stopped reliably by destroying the chasis completely. The BLS Defence Barrier can be used individually or in combination with other products produced by Gunnebo such as tyre killers, barriers, crash gates or bollards.


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Arrestor Rising Arm Barrier

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Don’t give up security at unmanned points of property entry

Unmanned vehicle access is the norm at many locations, due to manpower shortages, budget cuts, and other reasons for leaving entry points unguarded. However, you don’t have to sacrifice security in order to stay lean on staffing and expenses. Gunnebo’s security barriers are a cost-effective hostile vehicle mitigation option that gives you the best of both worlds.

Gunnebo security barriers offer multiple advantages

High-level security

First and most importantly, our Gunnebo security barriers provide the defence you want against unauthorised vehicles. A hostile vehicle that meets with these barriers at high speed will be stopped, in some cases with the chassis completely destroyed. Fortunately, most unwanted vehicles will be deterred simply by the sight of an obviously heavy-duty security barrier like the ones available here.

Increasing standoff distance

Boom barriers, by the nature of their design, can help you increase the standoff distance between an unwelcome vehicle and your property, which is advantageous in deterring attacks. In situations where you have limited space between a driveway or roadway and a structure, a security barrier lets you make the most of that area as a buffer zone.

Simple integration with existing controls in a variety of traffic patterns

Security barriers are a great solution in medium- or even high-traffic flow locations. It’s easy to integrate these HVM measures with your access control or fare collection systems.

Ability to combine security barriers with other HVM solutions

Many of our clients appreciate the added level of control and security they get from combining Gunnebo security barriers with other HVM products. You can certainly layer a security barrier with a crash gate, tyre spikes, or bollards to get the level of protection you desire.

Prevention of theft exiting the property

This type of HVM equipment can work in the other direction as well to prevent vehicles from leaving your property. In high-risk institutions and places where theft is a concern, a boom barrier is an excellent deterrent and can be enhanced by a row of tyre spikes if necessary.

Simple to assemble in challenging setups

One more reason why many different types of facilities like security barriers: their ease of assembly. We have models that work where central roadway foundations cannot be employed or where other types of HVM measures would not be practical.

Let our experts help you find the right security barrier

Our team at Gunnebo can assist you with all your hostile vehicle mitigation needs, including selecting a security barrier. Ring Gunnebo in Australia on 1800 164 448 or in New Zealand on 09 415 0825. Or contact us online any time via our convenient contact form.

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20220526 070032

Arrestor Rising Arm Barrier

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