Your Guide to Holistic Event Security Planning at Venues

When it comes to hosting events at large venues and stadiums, security is paramount to ensuring a smooth and safe experience for all attendees.

But as you know, it’s not as simple as optimising for maximum security; there are many other factors such as ease and enjoyment at play.

This is where Holistic Event Security Planning comes in.

Holistic event security planning is about striking the right balance between robust security measures and also allowing for freedom of movement.

At Gunnebo, we’re experts in this space and have delivered security solutions to a range of facilities and public spaces on a global basis.

So, we’re eager to share our insights with you.


That’s why we’d like to invite you to our webinar on Thursday 18th of July; “Event Security Planning at Venues – How to Ensure a Holistic Approach.”

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In this Australian event security seminar, we will explore:

  • Comprehensive event security strategies that you can use to enhance the security at your venue
  • While maintaining an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Australian event security seminar topics covered:

  • The synergies between a venue, event organisers and management plans.
  • Showcasing the close working relationship of safety and security.
  • How important early engagement is when planning security for an event.
  • Have the right management plans in place to support an event (emergency evacuation, traffic management, etc) that intertwine and work together simultaneously.
  • Threat assessments on how to best design an event security posture.
  • Integrate your security and safety with the operational perspectives.
  • Multi-layered event security, from physical security to management plans, police presence, guards, CCTV and more.
  • The value in property planning for infrastructure.
  • Ensuring that event security is fit for purpose.

In this webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from two event security industry experts, Chris Zammit and Eddie Idik on how best to align venues, event organisers and management plans to create a holistic view when it comes to event safety & security.

However, before you join us, we thought we’d give a quick preview of the topics to be discussed and more importantly, how Gunnebo can assist in elevating your stadium venue’s security with holistic security measures.


Defining Holistic Security for events

Every single event has a unique risk profile. It’s up to Holistic Security experts to reduce your exposure to this risk and design a security posture that flows, is fit for purpose and provides optimal safety and security measures without impeding on the freedom of movement of attendees.

Holistic security involves the collaboration of the venue, event organisers, and management plans to ensure optimal safety and balance.

It emphasises:

  • early engagement
  • integrated emergency plans
  • comprehensive threat assessments
  • multi-layered security measures, and
  • infrastructure planning

all to create a secure environment that operates seamlessly during events.

While this will all be discussed at great length during our Gunnebo event security webinar, here’s a rundown of how Gunnebo can assist with this process.

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The Gunnebo Approach to Holistic Security at Events

Gunnebo offers a diverse range of products designed to enhance your stadium or venue’s event security by protecting the perimeter and managing access into the space.

Specifically, these products assist your venue to be better protected through:

Perimeter management

Gunnebo offers a diverse range of products designed to enhance security by protecting the perimeter and managing access to the venue. These products include high-security bollards, high-security gates, and other barriers that provide robust physical protection.


Entrance control and access management solutions

At Gunnebo, our entrance control solutions such as tripod turnstiles seamlessly integrate with existing ticketing systems to ensure that each ticket grants entry to only one person. This integration helps to prevent fraud and unauthorised access into your venue, ensuring that only valid ticket holders can enjoy the event.

Other solutions include full-height turnstiles which are designed to streamline the entry process and maintain high security as well as advanced access control systems such as our BoardSec system which, though initially designed for airport access can integrate with ticketing and be used for high-end areas like VIP lounges.


Minimal impediment to the flow of people

We understand the importance of smooth and uninterrupted attendee movement to enhance their overall event experience.

For this reason, all of our security solutions are engineered to provide maximum protection without hindering the flow of people – this is true to the holistic security mentality that will be covered in the July 18th webinar.

This balance requires efficient design and smart technology which when combined ensure that security measures do not create bottlenecks or delays and that all attendees can enjoy the event safely.


Versatile and Advanced Security Technology

As an overarching approach to ensuring we implement an effective holistic security approach, we also combine the use of state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive planning, as demonstrated by the BoardSec example.

This ensures that our security solutions are versatile and can be tailored to meet the needs of different groups, including staff, fans, and facility security throughout an event.

At Gunnebo, our solutions are designed to protect all individuals within the venue, ensuring their safety from the moment they approach the venue until well after they leave.

For more on this, check out the various event security case studies on our website.


Are you looking for a holistic security solution for your next stadium or venue event?

At Gunnebo, we’re your total security solution.

Having delivered security solutions to a range of facilities and public spaces on a global basis, we pride ourselves on our ability to be a trusted advisor and that our solutions deliver lifetime value for you, your venue and all of your attendees.

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