High Security Entry

Designed to Provide the Optimum Level of Protection

The Gunnebo range of security doors, interlocking doors, security partitions and transaction windows developed to protect people, buildings and property, offering a maximum level of security for sites, staff and customers.

All solutions are designed to provide the optimum level of protection, including against vandalism, manual attacks, ballistics and blasts. In addition, solutions are available with multiple levels of resistance for sensitive areas without compromising freedom of movement for authorised individuals or efficiency of operation within the site.

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Peripheral Equipment

Security peripheral equipment to complement our Security Doors, Windows & Partitions.
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Security Doors

A wide range of high-security doors, all of which have been tested and certified by independent organisations.
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Walling Systems

Offers a deterrent and protection against manual and burglar break-in and bullet & blast protection.
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Interlocking Doors

Providing the right protection including vandalism, manual attacks, ballistic or blast resistance for sensitive areas
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Transfer Solutions

Designed to protect employees from physical attacks while enhancing communication.
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People and Asset Protection

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