High Risk Site Security Solutions

Across all industries and all types of organisations, there are high risk security sites. If these sites are compromised or if there is a fault, the results can be catastrophic. In the past, disruption to public utilities and services, high-level data thefts, and even issues of national security have all hit the headlines — many of these incidents trace their roots back to a security breach at a high risk site.

This is why Gunnebo’s services are so crucial. We recognise that each sensitive site and each restricted area is unique, and so we develop solutions that meet the specifics of the environment, the processes, and the human team perfectly. These are solutions that provide convenient and reliable access for those who need it while safeguarding watertight security when required. With Gunnebo in your corner, you can shore up your organisation against security breaches and maintain high levels of continuity with a proactive strategy.

The Gunnebo approach is a systematic one. We design and implement progressive solutions that complement one another, helping our customers optimise their resources and achieve the best possible defence against attack or accident. All of our products are scalable, upgradeable, and ready to rise to the challenges posed by an evolving security landscape.

Markets We Serve

Data Centres

Protecting Critical Infrastructure
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Correctional Facilities

Safety & security are paramount for correctional facilities
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Federal & Government Agencies

It’s important to cover government buildings security
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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Vehicles can pose a significant hazard, particularly on high risk sites. Malicious actors and criminals may use vehicles in an attempt to force entry to a site, resulting in serious danger to infrastructure and even human life. This is why Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions are so critical within today’s security landscape.

Solutions such as vehicle security gates prevent unauthorised vehicles from coming close to sensitive entrances and possible security weak points. These products are tested in accordance with international standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring maximum peace of mind at all times. Safeguard your personnel and visitors and shore up the integrity of your security solutions with Gunnebo’s HVM products.

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Entrance Control

Entrance control forms an important part of what we do here at Gunnebo. For high risk sites, in particular, you need to maintain complete control over who is entering and exiting the facility, streamlining authorised access while denying unauthorised individuals. With Gunnebo’s secure solutions, you remain in charge, protecting your reputation along with sensitive or valuable assets.

Our solutions range from the simple and straightforward — Tripod Turnstiles and Security Gates, for example — to more sophisticated products that are on the cutting edge of this industry. Our Smart Gates and Security Revolving Doors elevate entrance control to the next level and represent an important step in the ongoing evolution of this field.

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