The Company

Gunnebo have delivered security solutions into a range of facilities and public spaces on a global basis. We have great experience in understanding the operating environment in places such as embassies, critical infrastructure, stadiums, airports, retail and mass transit, each with their own specific requirements and a need for security to be integrated into their business model.

We focus on making people safe and secure whilst at the same time making security for all intents and purposed invisible. Implementing coherent security is underpinned by the resources used for surveillance, flow organisation and physical barriers all complimenting each other as part of the same overall approach to security levels.

Gunnebo’s experience includes many locations across the Globe, and in the Pacific in a variety of organization’s such as, High Risk Federal and Local Government locations, Retail Customers, Commercial sites, National and Global clients, Airports, Stadiums and Rail Stations.

In addition, Gunnebo is a provider of choice for many Builders, Consultants and Architects, we pride ourselves on providing high quality solutions that provides a well-balanced ROI over the life time of our solutions, allowing for peace of mind.

We have demonstrated our capability to be a single point of responsibility for delivering an end to end solution working directly to end users or with your partners of choice this will deliver an exceptional outcome for all parties involved.

Gunnebo Pacific is a part of Gunnebo Global, The Gunnebo Security Group has sales companies in 33 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas as well as Channel Partners on over 100 additional markets. 

In the Pacific, Gunnebo has been delivering solutions to business, industry, and consumers since 1995 in current format. With a presence today of more than 90 employees throughout our business, the Projects Operations team has experience in delivering significant projects throughout the Pacific and has the backing of Gunnebo’s global project team.


Gunnebo’s roots

Gunnebo is a young global company but it has a rich industrial lineage spanning for more than 250 years. The company takes its name from the village of Gunnebo in the south-east of Sweden. It was here that Hans Hultman opened a forge in 1764 and started to produce hammers. This small business grew steadily and by the 1800s several factories were opened.

Modern-Day Gunnebo

The old metal-working business was acquired in 1995 by venture capital company, HIDEF. HIDEF adopted the Gunnebo name and took to expand company’s efforts in being a complete security provider. Gunnebo has come a long way from being listed on Swedish stock exchange to acquiring multiple companies across the world which includes Fichet-Bauche, a listed company on the French Stock Exchange with years of history in safes, Chubbsafes, a globally recognised brand of safes established in the UK in 1818, Gateway, etc to bolster its efforts on delivering complete security.

Some of our clients

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