Integrating physical security without impeding on public transport or freedom of movement

With the need to control vehicle access and protect the public without impeding the usability of the City’s tram line, a range of static and hydraulic bollards have been installed at The Terrace, Christchurch to increase security and deter hostile vehicles or terror attacks.

The Terrace is a hospitality precinct located in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. The precinct, also known as the “heart of hospitality” is home to over 24 businesses, ranging from restaurants, bars, offices, and retail. Oxford Terrace is the road that runs The Terrace precinct. It is a one-way southbound shared street for limited vehicles such as delivery trucks for the businesses located in the precinct, as well as the pathway for the Christchurch Tram.

Security Bollards


The Terrace precinct was re-built after the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. It was after re-opening the premises, the city realized the requirement to install perimeter protection was evident. Installing both static and retractable bollards would allow the city to control the access of vehicles within permitted timeframes without impeding people’s freedom of movement.

Installed at Oxford Terrace, Christchurch are 11 static bollards and a set of 3 retractable bollards. The retractable bollards are installed across Oxford Terrace, at its junction with Hereford Street, where the tram line is located. The static bollards are positioned surrounding the entrance where foot traffic is heavier but could have still been prone to a vehicle entering.

The bollards installed have been crash rated to PAS-68 standard. This standard has been defined by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) as “a standard method for testing the impact performance and protection rating of a Vehicle Security Barrier when impacted by different categories of vehicles at specified speeds.”


Gunnebo Retractable Bollards Perimeter Protection


Since the installation of the static and removable bollards at The Terrace, the prior vehicle access issues have been resolved without pedestrian or tram access being impacted. The bollards have created a barrier for the vehicle access point of The Terrace, also provides locals with piece of mind to know a highly frequented location is now protected against vehicle borne attacks.

The Council are pleased with the installation of bollards, providing the community with a sense of safety and security. In addition, the ability to control vehicle access to permitted times has seen a decrease in disruption to the precinct.

Chch Tram Security Bollards

The bollards have increased security without compromising
freedom of movement, significantly

Jacob Bradbury – Manager, Planning & Delivery Transport, Christchurch City Council


Customer Benefits

  • Control of vehicles into the space
  • No interference with public transport
  • Protection without impeding on pedestrian movements
  • Heightens the location’s perimeter security
  • Deterrent against vehicle borne attacks


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