A new-age approach to the traditional office environment.

Post pandemic, the necessity for in-person, full-time office operation is no longer the common corporate practice, with the hybrid work model here to stay. Many employees desire to continue to work from home, however still need a collaborative, corporate and professional space to host business when required. 

Waterman Workspaces provide premium flexible workspace centres, uniquely designed for individuals and teams to work flexibly within a private office or utilise co-working areas on a membership basis. These workspaces feature a range of ergonomic areas such as dedicated desks, private offices and quiet zones or open areas, which have been intentionally designed for members and guests to get the most out of the workday.

These versatile hubs host over 2,000 local businesses and connect more than 3,000 members in a new-age approach to the office dynamic. With so many members and guests passing through Waterman Workspaces daily, the need to provide secure facilities with high-end access control solutions was a key component to the design in these work hubs.

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As Waterman Workspaces are membership based, they required a solution which would not only control access into their multiple facilities, but that could also incorporate their membership system plus run billing to their clients.

Selected as the entrance control solution to be installed across the Waterman centres was the SpeedStile FLs 1200 BA with varying glass heights dependent on the location. The SpeedStile FLs is a fast and efficient access control gate which allows continuous passage of up to 40 people per minute, an optimum feature for Waterman Workspaces who have continual ingress and egress throughout the workday. The FLs gate boasts elegance and aesthetics alike, a sleek gate with glass paneling to provide transparency and a flawless finish into its surrounds. These SpeedStiles are extremely versatile in their design, footprint, installation, and integration capabilities, making them a superior choice for clients wanting continuity across a range of sites.


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Enhancement Through Integration

Gunnebo SpeedStiles have been carefully designed to not only be reliable and secure access control systems, but to integrate with various Gunnebo and third-party systems to enhance the overall usability of the gates. Waterman have designed a large component of their business around the integration with the Gunnebo SpeedStiles. When group or office memberships are purchased, the client can include as few or as many access passes as desired.

The SpeedStiles have Waterman membership system, Integrity, scanning software installed on the lid. When a member scans their access pass, it authorizes them with the membership system; Once verified, the gate opens and allows passage. This process only takes approximately 3 seconds from badging to verification per user, making it a seamless process. When non-members attend the centre or visits have exceeded capacity, using the facility still occurs with no disruption; the account is simply billed based off the number of additional guests / visits the SpeedStiles record. This allows for stress free contactless entry and heightened visibility over visitation for Waterman and its members alike.

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SSince installing the entrance gates, Waterman Workspaces have secured their facilities, increased visibility over member levels and elevated front entrances throughout. With each new site that is built, the SpeedStiles installed play an integral role in continuing to deliver a seamless experience to members and guests.

Through Waterman Workspaces, members can enjoy the flexibility of an office environment without the commitment. Integrating their membership and billing systems with their entrance gates, Waterman are reaping the benefits of an enhanced access control system across their portfolio of sites without the need to hire additional reception staff. With peace of mind over the security of their facilities, more time can be focused on member experience and elevating their business.

Overall, the installation across various sites consisting of the narrow and wide lane combo of SpeedStile FLs has provided Waterman Workspaces a competitive edge. Each site boasts a feeling of luxury, flow, and security – with the SpeedStiles being a focal point within locations. Post-pandemic, the idea behind “hire-a-desk” has never been more relevant.

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Customer Benefits

  • Increased visibility over member levels
  • Quick and simple access granted to active members and guests
  • Integrated with member management software
  • Elevated entrances throughout
  • Assist to deliver a seamless experience to guests
  • Creates a protection barrier between areas for the general public and the exclusive workspaces
  • The feeling of luxury, flow and security combined


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