A Unique Twist on Traditional Perimeter Protection at Manuka Oval, ACT 

Utilizing landscaping and street furniture to create a discreet perimeter protection solution, enhancing the overall security of the oval.     

Located in central ACT, Manuka Oval is the Australian Capital Territory’s major sporting oval, with a 15,000-patron capacity. Opening its gates in 1924, the oval has been in operation for almost 100 years. During this time, the facility has morphed from an average suburban cricket ground, to be home to some of the biggest international cricket games and AFL matches throughout the year; including summer of cricket, big bash, state woman’s cricket, international and local levels.

Static Bollards Manuka Oval Act 2


As Manuka Oval is deemed as a crowded place, the site undertook advised self-assessment to determine the level of perimeter protection they should include at their site. Venues ACT, Manuka Oval’s site managers then engaged with Gunnebo to begin planning a solution that would best suit the sites requirements.

Installed on the perimeter of the facility are 23 static bollards and 7 planters, with static bollards underneath; all crash rated to PAS-68 standard. The static bollards are placed on the surrounds of the facility, whilst the planters are strategically placed throughout the open areas surrounding the oval. The planters are designed to cover the static bollards underneath and provide an aesthetic approach to HVM. The planters have also been converted into seating as well as planter boxes, to really enhance usability within the open space.


Static Bollards Manuka Oval Act 3


Since the redesign project concluded, the entire perimeter of Manuka Oval has received a face lift. Coming close to 100 years of operation, it was important for the venue to modernize their security approach to be in line with modern-day threats and scenarios. The dual utilization of the planters to be both planter boxes for aesthetics but also seating areas is a unique twist on HVM and one we don’t often see. Options such as planter boxes allows for flexibility in the design without compromising the crash rating of the product; it allowed Venues ACT to make the standard bollards into a solution that is visually appealing and practical.

Static Bollards Manuka Oval Act
Static Bollards Manuka Oval Act 4

Customer Benefits

  • Discreet perimeter protection
  • Warm and inviting venue entrances
  • Met the protection level needs of a crowded place
  • Improved people flow
  • Multi-use solution incorporating landscaping and seating into what are traditionally quite bulky and unappealing products

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