Pioneering the future of safe deposit lockers in the Czech Republic

Building a strong, foundational business future through the use of high class technology.

Coupled with extensive industry knowledge, 24SAFE’s vision was to ‘create something special’, differentiating their service, setting themselves apart from the competition and essentially revitalising the business of safe deposit lockers. The business wanted something that was in a league of it’s own and offered customers what customers want – 24 hour access to their valuables without compromising security.

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Equipping their facility in Prague city centre with Gunnebo’s state-of-the-art, self-service safe deposit locker solution “SafeStore Auto” (SSA) meant that all of 24SAFE’s aspirations (and more) were possible.

The full solution comprises 2 SSA Maxi, each with 3 exit units, thus giving 6 customer terminals in total. The associated strong room is ECB-S certified Grade X and holds a capacity of 13,726 boxes. With 5 different sizes of safe deposit box, the customer has a lot of capacity options to choose from.

The optimum technological standards are maintained for maximum security. Advanced customer identification features are provided in the form of a biometric fingerprint reader, where the fingerprint is converted into vector lines and then into a numeric code, making it impossible to reconstruct. Over and above this, an RFID card with pin code is deployed for additional protection.

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To minimise the need for face-to-face contact when renting a locker, 24SAFE has developed a remote way for customers to register themselves prior to attending the site, namely via a secure website. The client enters the necessary verification details and their personal data in advance and when they attend the premises to confirm rental and access their safe deposit locker, 24SAFE staff will merely check the validity of the data. After validation, the information is then transferred to the solutions SafeControl software to complete the process.

This innovative service offers customers a modern, efficient and functional user experience, 24/7 accessibility, and the highest level of security. It is also currently the largest SafeStore Auto installation in the world, utilising six robots to access thousands of deposit boxes

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Customer Benefits

  • 24 hour access for clients to their valuables
  • High end technology, setting the customer apart
  • Advanced customer identification features
  • Discreet solution
  • Un-compromised security

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