Protecting the Workplace with High Security Entrance Solutions at Melbourne Quarter Building 2. 

Safety and Security is the priority.  With a growing number of tenants, the need to manage the flow of people to ensure seamless entry and exit to the building is a must. 

Melbourne Quarter 2, located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, is a brand new commercial, residential and retail space. Building 2 is home to the commercial aspect of the property. The building showcases a full glass facade with many additional functionalities to flow with the modern structure. Melbourne Quarter’s vision is set – to be a place where innovation and modern business thrive, visitors are welcome and residents feel at home.

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Building 2, which is set to house thousands of employees from multiple corporations, will provide effortless entry for all guests and employees alike. Melbourne Quarter 2 has 4 narrow lanes with one wide lane installed to accommodate for wheelchair access and a high volume of tenants. The units installed were SpeedStile FP BA units with 1800mm high glass.

The security gates supplied by Gunnebo provide multiple lane access points for quick and efficient traffic movement both in and out of the building. Along with the high level of efficiency, the SpeedStiles are finished in a black powder coating which provides a sleek finish & adds a modern look to the foyer of the building.

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Customer Benefits

  • Seamless entry for all visitors
  • Security with no extra staffing costs
  • Seamless entry and exit to the building
  • Customised design to flow with overall building architecture
  • High quality speed gates with millions of installations-worldwide

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