What is Situational Security?

When developing a security posture, it is important to understand that every site has a range of factors which need to be considered. Attempting to apply a “one size fits all” approach into the design often leads to compromised security. If every situation is different in some way, then the security posture should be built to compensate for the scenario.


Situational security allows for a bespoke, tailor-made security solution to be designed and implemented, providing a site with an uncompromised security envelope, every time. When in the early engagement phase of security development, analyzing all the key factors that could impact on the design must be considered. Some of the key factors we are often faced with include the surrounding environment, budget and the protection level required. Ensuring that all contributors are accounted for and factored into the decision-making process allows for a successful deployment.


There are a range of key factors to consider when designing your site’s security posture, including the facility, pricing, aesthetics, stakeholders and more. To learn about the importance of situational security and how reviewing the individual key factors can attribute to a successful deployment of a security posture, download our Free brochure below.


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You can view some of our customer site installations, pictured below, where situational security has been implemented.

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