Unveiling the Secrets: Testing the Strength of Bulletproof Glass

Once reserved for extremely high-risk sites like correctional facilities and government buildings, bulletproof and ballistic glass has become more widely used as the global climate of risk has evolved. Today, security windows, doors and partitions are frequently used in airports, gaming sites, banks and high-value retail stores.

Gunnebo's performance glass passed each round of stringent testing. Gunnebo’s performance glass passed each round of stringent testing.

On most days, performance glass is like any other transparent window, door or partition, but in the case of an attack, you need to have absolute certainty that it will stand up to any threat. At Gunnebo, we ensure this by testing our DarTek security glass to European safety standards, developed by international experts including consumers, manufacturers, consultants, engineers and public authorities.

Gunnebo’s stringent testing procedures

The ‘science’ behind these standards and tests can seem a little highfalutin, so we break it down here with three videos of Gunnebo testing in shooting laboratories under real-life certification conditions. In each of the videos, the glass is tested to a different level of European (EN) standard 1522.

EN 1522 is the ballistics resistance standard for windows, doors, shutters and blinds. To read more about the standards Gunnebo adheres to, check out our Standards and Regulations Guide.

During the tests, trained and authorised shooters fire at both the glazing and frame in order to ensure that the bullet does not break through. Each test utilises a different gun fired at a different distance and speed. The tests are to determine three levels – FB3, FB4 and FB5 – in accordance with EN 1522.

FB3 EN 1522

  • Weapon: Smith and Wesson 66 calibre, 357 magnum handgun
  • Firing distance: 5 metres
  • Bullet: 10.2 g
  • Bullet speed: 430 m/s
  • Verdict: passed

FB4 EN 1522

  • Weapon: Smith and Wesson 29-3 calibre, .44 magnum handgun
  • Firing distance: 5 metres
  • Bullet: 15.6 g
  • Bullet speed: 440 m/s
  • Verdict: passed

FB5 EN 1522

  • Weapon: Heckler and Koch 5.56 x 51mm calibre repeat rifle
  • Firing distance: 10 metres
  • Bullet: 4 g
  • Bullet speed: 950 m/s
  • Verdict: passed


You don’t need to be a gun expert to see that with each test, the weight of the bullet as well as the firing speed is increasing, and each time, the glazing and frame withstand the test.

If you want to make sure your security glass will protect the people and assets in your site, it’s essential to buy from a provider who conducts rigorous product testing. To find out more about implementing Gunnebo solutions in your site, check out our product catalogue today.