Safeguarding the Public at The Entrance City Centre 

Securing highly frequented public spaces through Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions.

The Entrance is a highly frequented tourist hot spot located approximately 1.5 hours from Sydney. Within the city centre are an array of attractions which bring in the crowds such as fairs, markets and daily pelican feeding. With year-round large crowds flocking to The Entrance City Centre, mitigating the potential of vehicle borne attacks and protecting civilians was a priority for the site.

HVM Entrance Control - Fixed and Retractable Bollards


The Entrance City Centre have installed crash rated bollards including a mixture of both fixed and retractable options. Installing both fixed and retractable bollards to the site has allowed for constant protection without compromising access for authorised individuals.

The crash rated bollards are positioned to secure a once open space from the potential of a vehicle attack. The look and feel of the bollards provides a solution to the site which is non-invasive to the general public.

HVM Entrance Control - Fixed and Retractable Security Bollards

Customer Benefits

  • Non invasive for the public
  • 24 hour heightened site protection
  • Easy access for authorised personnel
  • Deterrent for vehicle borne attacks
  • Bespoke solution

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