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Contactless Entry
Contactless Entry

Real-time facial recognition, touch-less 3D fingerprint matching and complete contactless entry

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People Management and Flow

Understanding staff routines and schedules to ensure safe distancing within the workplace

Sanitation At Entry
Sanitation at Entry

Sensor-activated and touch free, hygienically delivery of sanitiser gel to activate access control on entrance gates

Health, Safety and Security

Safe. Secure. Hygienic. Innovation may have never been so important. The balance between remote working and flexible office attendance is tricky, and essential to get right. Contactless entry, people management and flow are all issues that need to be addressed.

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Touchless Facial Recognition with Temperature Detection

A safe, secure and hygienic solution combining real-time facial recognition and automatic temperature measurement to help with current measures for disease prevention and control, incorporated with most Entrance Control solutions.


Innovation may never have been so important with effortless Integration into Gunnebo SpeedStiles. Lift destination control, access control readers, bio metric readers and more all with the ability integrated into Gunnebo SpeedStiles.

Sanitation at Entry

H-Sense G features an automatic sanitiser gel dispenser linked to the turnstile functions of the gate, with mounting pole and glass barrier, that will administer a dose of hand sanitiser gel contactlessly and will not allow entry unless sanitiser has been administered.

Managing People and Flow

Creating an attractive, welcoming environment makes employees happier at work and encourages customers to do business, so our Speed Gates are designed to provide the perfect balance of style, safety and security whilst maintaining social distancing.

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