Understand your Customers, protect your staff and improve Operations

Protect your staff, serve your customers, and improve your operations — with Gunnebo.
As a supermarket retailer, your customers are critical to your business. You need to make sure these customers are well served when they visit your store, but you also need to ensure total security at all times. Here at Gunnebo, we provide a complete system that takes care of security while also supporting your customers and staff members. Smart solutions also gather essential data on customer behaviour, driving your strategies in the future.

We have worked with retailers of all sizes across the world. This enables us to understand the unique needs of the modern supermarket and implement strategies that rise to the challenge with ease. With us on your side and with our products integrated at your premises, you’ll be able to drive cost efficiencies, boost the customer experience, and grow your market share. We can even work to provide tailored, comprehensive security solutions that meet all of your needs with no gaps or points of weakness, based wholly on your specific requirements.

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Entrance Control

Your customers and personnel need convenient access to your store. At the same time, you need to be able to protect all individuals and assets onsite without fail. This is where Gunnebo’s entrance control solutions are making a real difference for retail businesses.

We deliver Point of Sale gates, Turnstiles, and Speed Gates that elevate the overall level of security across your store. To support this, we also provide a smart, integrated software solution — OccuLinq. This solution enables accurate tracking and management of occupancy levels — something that has become critical during COVID-19.


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High Security Entry

Free, easy flow of people around your site and complete control of secure or sensitive areas. This is the balance that supermarket retailers need to hit time and time again. The Gunnebo product range is designed with this in mind — smart and intuitive enough to facilitate a great experience without ever compromising on safety and security.

All of our doors and partitions have been fully tested and certified by independent organisations, ensuring that they meet the highest international standards. We also offer products designed to reduce energy consumption, complete with thermal insulation that complies with the 2012/27 European Directive. In addition, the MagTek IA and DarTek IA provide even more robust security to achieve optimal peace of mind.

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Munich Airport implements biometric screening for secure ID control

Speedy and convenient biometric screening using facial recognition means you no longer have to show your boarding pass at Munich Airport Terminal 2.

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Safeguard your Business at it’s core

The use of strong rooms to protect business assets

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Ever wonder how bulletproof glass is tested?

Gunnebo’s stringent testing procedures for windows, doors, shutters and blinds.


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Situational Security

“One size fits all” never really seems to be the case, especially when it comes to security.

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Simplifying Fans’ Mobility

Fast, Effective and Secure Stadium Solutions which secure venues without compromising freedom of movement.

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