Operational Efficiencies and Managing Stock are key to servicing Customers in the future

The future of the pharmaceutical industry hinges on a number of factors. Honing operational efficiencies and effectively managing stock are two of the most crucial, and are key to servicing the needs of customers in the long term.
To gain a competitive advantage, pharmacies must ensure that the right customers can connect with the medication they need, precisely when they need it. This means controlling access to storage rooms and others areas onsite, protecting stock levels as well as safeguarding investment and revenue for the business itself. Medications are also strictly controlled, which means businesses need to adopt stringent security measures to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

It’s easy to rise to these challenges when you have the right partner. Here at Gunnebo, we are proud to provide this to our clients across Australia and beyond. We are highly experienced in delivering security and access control solutions to retailers on a national and international level — and we are the specialists when it comes to solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Instead, call upon the experts here at Gunnebo and make sure that your pharmacy is protected. The security and convenience we provide offer the perfect platform to build upon as you deliver a great experience for your customers and achieve the competitive edge required to thrive in today’s market.


Safes & Vaults

Call on Gunnebo for your safes and vaults. We are the exclusive importer and distributor of premium safes and vaults from the Chubbsafes range. These products are rated to provide high security, while also withstanding fires and other accidents. This means you always have access to valuable items and other assets when required, but retain the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are properly protected.

Ranging from small safes designed for just a few items through to full size vaults that are suitable for holding large amounts of high-value stock, the safes and vaults we offer are ideal for pharmacies in Australia and beyond.

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Access Control

Many areas of your pharmacy will be off-limits to the general public. This is where you will keep medications and other high-value assets, eliminating the risk of theft or other malicious activity. Gunnebo is perfectly positioned to help you control access to these locations, delivering a wealth of solutions that can keep sensitive zones safe while also reducing carbon emissions and energy bills.

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Munich Airport implements biometric screening for secure ID control

Speedy and convenient biometric screening using facial recognition means you no longer have to show your boarding pass at Munich Airport Terminal 2.

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Safeguard your Business at it’s core

The use of strong rooms to protect business assets

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Ever wonder how bulletproof glass is tested?

Gunnebo’s stringent testing procedures for windows, doors, shutters and blinds.


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Situational Security

“One size fits all” never really seems to be the case, especially when it comes to security.

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Simplifying Fans’ Mobility

Fast, Effective and Secure Stadium Solutions which secure venues without compromising freedom of movement.

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