Operational Efficiencies ensure customers come first

Call upon Gunnebo’s solutions to iron out operational inefficiencies and maximise security and safety for an optimal experience for all. With our product range deployed on your site, you’ll be able to enhance the safety of staff and customers at your petrol station, while reducing costs and protecting your revenue along the way. By combining industry-leading security hardware with data-gathering software and process optimisation, we can help you reduce costs, guarantee compliance, and eliminate risk.

With our solutions, people come first. Enhancing the customer experience, making life easier for your personnel, and protecting the health, safety, and security of all — these are the kinds of advantages we bring to your petrol station. In addition, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is 100% protected at all times.

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Safe Storage

Storage can lead to challenges — particularly when you are storing high-value assets or cash. Shrinkage and robbery are significant hazards, and the presence of cash and assets puts staff and customers at risk. At a petrol station, you’ll also be working with highly flammable materials such as fuels and other substances, creating a unique threat landscape.

Gunnebo provides storage solutions that can keep cash and other assets safe. We are Australia’s exclusive provider of Chubbsafes — a range of burglary-, explosives-, and fire-resistant safe and vault products designed to ensure optimal safety and security. For two centuries, Chubbsafes has been developing these products, and we are here to integrate them into your security set-up. We also provide other fire-safe products designed for use in this kind of environment, further driving safety and responsibility on your petrol station site.

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Transfer Solutions

Your customers and staff need to be able to conduct transactions in a safe and secure manner without sacrificing convenience along the way. The Gunnebo range is designed with this in mind.

We offer a wide variety of products that achieve this combination of convenience and security. These include paypoint windows, transfer trays and pass-throughs, sliding trays, front opening counters, and rotary units, as well as intercom systems to support the secure transfer of valuable items and documents.

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High Security Entry

Our high security doors and partitions are tested and certified by international organisations, guaranteeing compliance and adherence to the highest international standards.

As part of our range, we offer thermal insulation options, as well as manual attack resistant and ballistic resistant products where required.

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Munich Airport implements biometric screening for secure ID control

Speedy and convenient biometric screening using facial recognition means you no longer have to show your boarding pass at Munich Airport Terminal 2.

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Safeguard your Business at it’s core

The use of strong rooms to protect business assets

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Ever wonder how bulletproof glass is tested?

Gunnebo’s stringent testing procedures for windows, doors, shutters and blinds.


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Situational Security

“One size fits all” never really seems to be the case, especially when it comes to security.

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Simplifying Fans’ Mobility

Fast, Effective and Secure Stadium Solutions which secure venues without compromising freedom of movement.

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