Operational Efficiencies ensure customers come first

Gunnebo’s Petrol Station solutions will increase staff  and customer safety, reduce costs associated with dealing with cash and allow staff to focus on the customer. Gunnebo provides a combination of technology and process optimisation that focus’ on operational efficiencies to reduce costs; reduces the burden of audit and compliance; and create new levels of customer loyalty.


Safe Storage

Handling cash raises a number of challenges, they include shrinkage, robbery, staff and customer safety.

Chubbsafes, Marketed by Gunnebo, have over 200 years history protecting assets. Chubbsafes safe storage solutions to retailers include safes and security cabinets with certified burglary, explosive or fire resistance for the storage of products, cash and confidential documents. These products supply specific features that are perfectly adapted to retail working routines. The Chubbsafes range offer a number of safes in varying sizes, equip to protect anything from cash, to files, to valuables against a range of threats such as fire and burglary.

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Transfer Solutions

A full range of transfer solutions including paypoint windows, transfer trays and pass-throughs, sliding trays, front opening counters, rotary units and intercom systems to transfer valuable items and documents securely without compromising on communication.

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High Security Entry

A wide range of high-security doors, all of which have been tested and certified by independent organisations and laboratories in accordance with European standards and regulations.

To comply with the 2012/27 European Directive for energy consumption reduction, they can be supplied with thermal insulation option for the manual attack-resistant (MagTek IA) and ballistic-resistant (DarTek IA) versions.

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6 cash handling & reconciliation tips for retail employees

Did you know that 40 per cent of retail shrinkage in 2017 can be chalked up to staff mismanaging cash? This number comes from The Australian Retail Association.

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Jumping the queue – using QuikScan to expedite admissions

You’ve organised your mates, bought tickets and headed to the stadium. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy the show. Not so fast though – there’s a massive queue.

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Biometrics SpeedStiles: no key, no stop, no problem

In today’s world, it’s essential for public and commercial buildings to have sound entrance security that can keep the people and assets inside safe from things like attack, vandalism, theft and a range of other threats.

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