Operational Efficiencies – End to End

The retail sector depends upon distribution centres. These centres need to be efficient, effective, reliable, safe, and secure. Without these key aspects of operation, the entire network is put at risk. Here at Gunnebo, we recognise how important this is, and so we develop solutions designed to shore up retail distribution centres for the next generation.

Honing operational efficiency on an end-to-end basis. Supporting efficient working practices with the right technology. Implementing automation precisely where it is required. All of this is helping distribution centres and facility managers to reduce costs while ensuring optimal accuracy, precision, and reliability for clients and stakeholders. With Gunnebo’s access control and security solutions on your side, you can check off these important boxes on the way to total operational resilience and ongoing viability.

Our specialised team works with retailers of all sizes across the world, as well as manufacturers, wholesalers, and other stakeholders within the international supply chain. This has given us a unique perspective on how to serve the needs of our customers in this field. Right along the product supply chain and across all models of stock delivery, Gunnebo’s products are making a real difference for our distribution centre partners.

Reduce the stock you need to hold onsite, streamline the delivery channels for your products, and ensure maximum health and safety at all times. On top of this, protect your revenue and your investment and remain fully compliant with all relevant regulations — these are the advantages we offer.


High Security Entry

The Gunnebo roster of products has been tested and certified to the highest level, meeting a range of international standards to provide optimal security and peace of mind. Provide access to those who need it, and keep out those who don’t, thanks to the smart combination of convenience and security delivered by Gunnebo. We can even work with you to understand the specific needs of your distribution centre infrastructure, developing a tailored and integrated solution that covers all the bases.

Regulate your power usage with thermal insulation options that are compliant with international standards and regulations on energy consumption. These products help you to ease your carbon footprint and operating costs without compromising on security. Bolster that security still further with the manual attack resistant MagTek IA product or with the ballistic resistant DarTek IA version.

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

You need to consider a number of eventualities when you devise your distribution centre’s security response. Among the key factors are your entrance points and your perimeter. Malicious individuals and criminals may attempt to use vehicles to damage and breach these potential weak points, which means you need to be ready with the appropriate defences. By selecting the right solutions, you can stop would-be criminals in their tracks, achieving a fully integrated security set-up that is up to the job.

This is where Gunnebo’s Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) products come into play. These defences are highly robust and durable, strong enough to stand up to assault from a car or even a truck. They are also efficient and convenient, supporting easy access for authorised personnel while defending against possible breaches. When you choose a Gunnebo product, you know that it has been successfully impact tested in accordance with the PAS 68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM F2656 standards, which means you can rely on them to protect your perimeter and other areas of critical infrastructure. You’ll find Gunnebo’s HVM solutions deployed at distribution centres and other sites across Australia and around the world, and you are in good company when you choose us as your security and access partner.

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Munich Airport implements biometric screening for secure ID control

Speedy and convenient biometric screening using facial recognition means you no longer have to show your boarding pass at Munich Airport Terminal 2.

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Safeguard your Business at it’s core

The use of strong rooms to protect business assets

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Ever wonder how bulletproof glass is tested?

Gunnebo’s stringent testing procedures for windows, doors, shutters and blinds.


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Situational Security

“One size fits all” never really seems to be the case, especially when it comes to security.

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Simplifying Fans’ Mobility

Fast, Effective and Secure Stadium Solutions which secure venues without compromising freedom of movement.

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