Efficient Event Management for the Racing Industry

Fast and efficient entry provides an incredible experience for all of your visitors while also maximising throughput and transaction rates, deriving considerable revenue on race day. At the same time, security is paramount every step of the way — health, safety, security, and investment protection are all of critical importance.
Gunnebo is on your side. We deliver expertly designed products that are built and developed with the entertainment sector in mind. You’ll find our solutions at venues up and down the country, as well as across the world. We also recognise the unique aspects of the racing industry and understand what our customers need in terms of access and security at these meets.
Admission control systems that enable authorised patrons to easily enter and exit the racecourse — these products represent a cornerstone of our range. Internal solutions that keep restricted areas safe and off-limits — this is another one of our core product areas. In other words, Gunnebo delivers a comprehensive, fully integrated set of solutions designed to achieve total security and efficiency at your next race meet.
When you choose Gunnebo, you can reduce your staff workloads, eliminate key points of confrontation or friction between patrons and staff, reduce wait times and queues, and revolutionise your approach to security and access.

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Entrance Control

We are proud to be among the world leaders in entrance control solutions. Our product range delivers simple and straightforward solutions, from Tripod Turnstiles and Entrance Gates through to Full Height Turnstiles and even highly advanced solutions like Speed Gates and Security Revolving Doors.

Create a secure and controlled environment at your next race meet when you deploy Gunnebo’s solutions. Achieve this control without impacting the consumer experience — in fact, you can enhance the experience your patrons enjoy when you manage queues and crowds with Gunnebo.

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Admission Control Solutions

QuikScan™ by Gunnebo provides a one-stop admission control system that integrates with major ticketing organisations to achieve swift entry for patrons. Whether scanning a membership card or using a printed ticket, visitors enjoy streamlined access, while your revenue is protected from fraudsters and criminals.

We have developed this solution with all aspects of admission control in mind. Achieve optimised security while supporting your patrons and streamline the process with swift device scanning to modernise your crowd and entry management procedures. Analyse real-time data that helps you stay on top of your attendance figures. This is the Gunnebo advantage, and our solutions are revolutionising security and access at event venues around the world.

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Event Management Integration

Data is key to the efficacy of our solutions, helping us to meet a wide range of requirements without fail. We also know that you need to be able to access and process data as you plan events and manage attendees. This is why we develop our security hardware products with software integration in mind.

Design, develop, and manage events and functions, bring together member and frequency visitor data, and access information in real time to conduct ongoing safety and security monitoring. Integrate all of this data with your POS device to achieve up-to-the-minute analysis as you work. Here at Gunnebo, we believe these solutions are the future of events management and security. We also believe that this data-focused approach is critical in keeping staff members and visitors safe and secure and protecting revenue streams and investments in this industry. Choose Gunnebo’s product range and update your security and access infrastructure for the 21st century.


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