Gunnebo High Security Roller Shutters for Instant Protection

No one wants to imagine that the bank they’re in could at any moment be the site of an armed robbery. No one wants to think their workplace or the place they’re doing business could be a target for terrorists.

If the unthinkable does occur, however, you’ll want to be sure that wherever you are is equipped with fast roller shutters. At Gunnebo, we understand that high security roller shutters that close quickly, efficiently and securely can make the difference between life and death.

Gunnebo’s high security roller shutters

At Gunnebo, we offer high security roller shutters for use in a range of locations, including:

They’re effective in closing off entire premises or simply separating certain areas. In a bank, for example, our roller shutters can be used at night to secure the closed area while still keeping the 24/7 ATM area open for customer use.

We offer different shutters to suit the needs of different sites. Some of our products are only burglar-resistant, while others are also bullet resistant to varying levels. Gunnebo’s roller shutters also range in weight.

Gunnebo offers a broad range of high security roller shutters.Gunnebo offers a broad range of high security roller shutters.

Because of our Integral System method, we can customise our roller shutters to your site – adapting technical, safety and aesthetic features to our customers’ needs.What’s consistent across our range, however, is that all of our doors can close quickly in case you need immediate protection. No matter what level of protection you choose, you can be sure that it will be certified to the strictest European standards.

Key features of Gunnebo’s high security roller shutters

When you purchase Gunnebo high security roller shutters, you’ll be buying a superior product with a number of standout features.

High value retail stores prefer Gunnebo roller shutters.High value retail stores prefer Gunnebo roller shutters.

Our roller shutters operate completely noiselessly using a Somfy motor. Somfy is a global, industry leader in motors for automated blinds and shutters. Made of sturdy aluminium, you can be sure the Somfy motor in our doors will never let you down and that the doors will operate seamlessly for years.

Gunnebo shutters also feature stainless steel end stoppers on each side of the door. These stoppers won’t rust or break, and unlike competitor products, they also prevent the slats from jutting out and breaking down. Tight joints also keep the door from scratching and weathering.

For added security, our roller shutters have the option of an e-key memory system that prevents opening when locked. A maximum security lock on the side of the shutter also protects the digital keyboard and the system that can unlock the motor inside and outside. This lock is made of stainless steel to ensure these vital systems stay safe.

To find out more about how Gunnebo’s high security roller shutters can protect your site, reach out to our expert team today.