Fortifying Boundaries: Elevating Site Security from the Ground Up

Consider a high security site like a government building. This site likely has CCTV coverage throughout the premises, requires multiple forms of authentication to access different, layered control areas, and has all sensitive materials closely guarded inside various safes and vaults.

The problem , however, is that many such sites – though guarded meticulously from the inside – often fail to protect their first point of contact with a potential threat: the perimeter.

Good security must start from the first line of defence. Good security must start from the first line of defence.

The critical importance of perimeter control

Security experts refer to the onion approach to protecting high risk sites. Like an onion, good security comes in layers, and the most sensitive areas should be at the centre of these layers.

The outermost skin of that onion – and the first place a potential threat will have access to –  is a site’s perimeter. Sound perimeter control must be bolstered by:

  • Physical strength – In our current climate of terrorist threats and hostile vehicle attacks, it’s essential that perimeter protection can stand up to extreme force.
  • Technological strength – Measures might also utilise technological measures, including advanced entrance control gates, or even sensors and radar that can detect threats.
  • Border surveillance – A safe border will also be watched closely whether that is by manned operators, CCTV or a combination of both.

A secure perimeter is essential to protecting all people and assets inside, whether the site is of critical value to the public – such as a government building or an airport – or of monetary value – such as a warehouse or factory.

Two Gunnebo offerings that get it right

At Gunnebo, we offer products and solutions that protect every aspect of your site or operation. Inside buildings, we offer top-of-the-line technology, including biometric authentication and advanced cash handling systems, but we know that outside – it’s all about strength.

Cedar Gate PAS 68 Security Gate

Cedar Security Gate is an manually operated lifting arm barrier with arm widths of up to 6m span, it is designed to support the boom in the lowered position, constructed with heavy duty steel and was designed by Gunnebo to stop all potential threats, including hostile vehicles. The Cedar Gate PAS 68 Security Gate can stand alone as a vehicle barrier, or be used with other perimeter protection measures.

Recommended for use in correctional facilities,courts, airports, embassies and a range of other sites, the Cedar Gate PAS68 Security Gate has an impact absorption of 667 KJ (fully operational immediately after attack) and is compatible with all access control systems.

Cedar Gate PAS68 Security Gate


RB 880 CR Defender Road Blocker

Recommended for applications in similar sites as Cedar PAS 68 Security Gate, the RB 880CR Defender Road Blocker can also be used as a single unit or in conjunction with other gates, barriers and bollards.

Like the Security Gate, the Defender Road Blocker is designed for extreme impact (1852 kj) and operates incredibly fast. When in blocking position, the barrier is extremely visible to approaching vehicle due to its colour and the option of adding flashing lights. When lowered, the barrier is completely flush with the road.

Shallow Road Blocker

Have you secured every aspect of your site? If not, check out what Gunnebo’s range of perimeter protection offerings, guaranteed to keep your site safe from the outside in.