Touring Lunch and Learn Series: “Situational Security Explained”

“One Size Fits All” never really seems to be the case, especially when it comes to security. There are so many factors to consider, be it the actual facility itself, the occupants, the location or a myriad other environmental factors. Every situation is different.

Why is it then, that so often organizations try to use a “One Size Fits All” approach? It simply doesn’t work that way, every situation is different, so your security posture should be too.

The concept of our lunch and learn series, along with our two symposiums was to educate on the importance of situational security and to highlight how the one size fits all scenario can cause issues to your security posture. The “Situational Security Explained” lunch and learn series was designed to take a deep dive into what situational security looks like to different stakeholders and how the Gunnebo product range can be utilized to implement bespoke security postures.

With a total of five sessions hosted, our team visited Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory; aiming to share our message and help to better explain this to our customers. Spanning from March to September 2023, our Sales and Marketing team headed out to a range of NEXTDC Data Centre sites across the mentioned states to host the sessions. Each session included a 2 hour presentation from Gunnebo, a site tour of the NEXTDC facility, lunch, networking and an attendance certificate for each attendee.

Our ongoing partnership with NEXTDC allowed us to take our attendees to experience our high-security solutions in a live environment. Guests were taken by a representative from NEXTDC on a site tour which allowed them to use the HiSec 9‘s and SkySas‘, as well as see equipment such as SoloTek‘s, Guard Houses, Attack rated doors and walls, and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. In addition, guests were able to see how a Data Centre facility operates, and more specifically what a data hall with data storage looks like.

Take a look at some pictures from the touring series below.


Want to learn more about Gunnebo’s Situational Security methodology?

At Gunnebo, we have designed our product offering to be based off solution resolution – meaning we aim to provide customers with the ideal fit for their individual scenario, rather than a blanket product sell. We work closely with clients to understand their site and business requirements, so we can collaboratively work together to design and implement a bespoke security offering.

If you are interested in arranging a lunch and learn for you and your team, simply register your interest here or follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with our public sessions.


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