Lunch & Learn Series: Protecting the Nation’s People & Assets

Introducing Gunnebo’s Lunch and Learn Series – Protecting the Nation’s People & Assets

Next DC Building

The new Lunch and Learn Series is like no other. Take a tour behind the scenes of a High Risk site. In conjunction with NEXTDC, Gunnebo will show you how to provide safety and security for Staff and the public over 3 key sessions.

At this very special site, NEXTDC, you will be taken behind the scenes for a tour of the entire security solution. Gunnebo will then run education sessions, taking you through every layer of security from Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, Entrance Control and Physical, Ballastic and Blast attack products.

What do the sessions cover?

Session 1 – Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
Protecting the Perimeter of Australia’s greatest assets and ensuring safety in public and private areas

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

In the wake of various terrorist attacks that have been carried out around the world in recent years, sensitive sites are facing a broader range of potential threats than ever before. These atrocities have been characterised by their unexpectedness and the difficulties involved in protecting against them.

Entrances and sensitive areas need to be secured and controlled to prevent unauthorised people from entering.

With changing threats comes a need for a change in approach. Understanding Hostile Vehicle Mitigation strategies not just product is key along with early involvement in the design phase of new and refurbished facilities – Engineered Solutions Tailored to Your Needs.

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Session 2 – Entrance Control
Securing foyers with Contactless Entry and providing safety and security for staff and the public in these changing times

Speedstile Fp Ds Insitu

Office lobbies and reception areas in commercial buildings have evolved dramatically during recent years. But one thing remains the same – you want your people, buildings and assets to be safe and secure.

With COVID 19 now impacting all businesses, working patterns are becoming more flexible, with employees coming and going throughout the day and night. Security turnstiles may need to be connected remotely, so security can be maintained even if no guard staff are physically present to supervise the entrance.

Protecting each sensitive site should be unique: it will be determined by the type of activity carried out, its environment, flows of property and people, local reaction capacity and the potential impact on business and the company’s reputation in the event of an accident or attack.

Gunnebo designs and implements progressive solutions which form part of a system approach in which the resources used complement each other. Our security approach is underpinned by coherence and the operational maintenance of resources used to manage risks incurred, the aim being to deliver an optimum protection system that is upgradable and future proof.

Session 3 – Attack, Ballistic & Blast
Improve security by reinforcing the resistance of the exposed building envelope.  Protecting Valuables, Employees and the public.

Ballistic Image

Combine high-performance doorsairlocks and partitions, all tested to the toughest security and construction standards.

Create building protection perimeters: Protect façades, Strengthen access, Defend vital areas, Prevent unauthorised passage

Control site accessibility: Combine filter components with physical protection perimeters, Protect assets and/or employees, Prevent robberies and firearms attacks

Buildings present similar challenges when implementing physical security solutions, in that it is important to retain the aesthetic qualities of the building whilst hardening the security features. Traditionally, windows that were designed to protect against ballistic or blast attacks were made from polycarbonate glass with large, bulky steel frames. This approach poses a few issues from a design quality perspective. Over time, polycarbonate glass tends to delaminate due to UV exposure and can give the appearance of the glass ‘bubbling’ or ‘peeling’ on the inside. This, combined with unsightly and bulky framework can ruin the intended design features of a facility.

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Entrance Control and Attack, Ballistic and Blast Combined


When:  Tuesday 18th October 2022

Where: NEXTDC S3

2 Broadcast Way, Artarmon NSW 2064


9am till 1pm

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