EntraLinq: Flexible Remote Access Control and Analytics

EntraLinq is a remote access control app which provides full control and analytics of your Gunnebo product from anywhere, no matter if on site or working remotely. The EntraLinq software runs on smartphones or tablets via connection to the cloud; meaning that staff who are responsible for the access to a building are able to have more flexibility in their position, rather than being tied to one reception desk, as a receptionist has traditionally done.


EntraLinq Benefits for Receptionists / Front of House

  • Manually grant single passages in entry or exit direction through any gate of your choice or through a single pre-defined gate.
  • Change the lane mode (free / controlled / locked) independently in each direction for one gate or multiple gates simultaneously.
  • See a high-level health status indication for all connected gates.


To learn more about EntraLinq and the benefits for different user types, visit the EntraLinq web page or download the brochure.

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