New Locks for Chubbsafes

Introducing  Tecnosicurezza Pulse Locks on Chubbsafes

S&G Electronic locks no longer our default locks

As part of our efforts to continually improve our offering to you,  we are changing the standard electronic lock delivered on all of our safe models.

We will now be delivering safes fitted with Tecnosicurezza Pulse model electronic locks.

We are changing to deliver a more robust and durable lock appropriate with the design and quality you expect from our brand. A cast metal satin chrome keypad housing coupled with a rubber numerical keypad designed for prolonged use ensures that your safe will be good for many years to come and provide years of trouble-free valuables storage.

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What Products will change?

We will use two versions of the Pulse range:
Pulse 2 provides all the functionality needed in a safe designed for domestic and small office users – a programmable six-digit personal code, the option of activating a second user code if required and the possibility of setting an opening time delay if using the safe in a small retail environment.

This will be fitted on all:
Viper, Senator, DPC and Omni Safes

Pulse 10 provides all that Pulse 2 does but includes features applicable to wider environments. Eight User codes and one CIT time delay override code in addition to the controlling Manager’s code as well as optional silent duress alarm, remote enabling and dual control functions.

This will be fitted on all:
Europa II, IV and IV, Duoguard and Proguard

The new stock of Chubbsafes with the new Pulse lock will be available from May this year. For more information on the Pulse Locks, click on the links below: