Aviation is steadily growing. According to IATA air passenger forecasts, 8.2 billion passengers are expected to travel in 2037, a near double of the 4.1 billion air travellers in 2018. Persistent passenger growth, as well as infrastructural constraints, global security risks and more demanding passengers, are leading challenges in the aviation sector.

From personalised pre-travel communications to a simplified, delay-free arrival through border control, airline travel and the airport terminal experience will soon become unrecognisable from what they once were. Developments in self-service check-in and automated identity checks technology allow passengers to manage their own travel arrangements whilst enabling airports to increase their capacity in order to meet the increasing needs and volumes of travellers.

Gunnebo’s airport security solutions equip the airport environment for this step-change in air travel by providing a secure, efficient and reliable means to manage the passenger flow process. Through automating the system of identity checks that take place at different stages through the traveller’s journey the process is transformed into a seamless, walking-pace transition through pre-security, lounge access, boarding and arrivals. Gunnebo’s solutions at these key touchpoints are adapted to the specific needs and security measures of each location within the airport and with an ability to integrate any reader or scanner, are ready for the biometric single token which promises to redefine the airport journey.

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Intelligent Passenger Flow Management

for all stages in the airport journey

Following IATA guidelines, Gunnebo provides the latest in automated gate technology for all key touchpoints in the passenger’s journey through the airport terminal.


1. Pre-Security Boarding Pass Check

Increase capacity with self-service security

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Whether the passenger holds a boarding pass printed at home or at the airport, uses a smart phone or is already geared up for NFC technology, the scanners in Gunnebo’s gates can read any form of boarding pass quickly and reliably. Using Gunnebo’s BoardSec AFL gate the vast majority of passengers are able to check their boarding passes themselves.

Gunnebo PreSec – Benefits

• Greatly reduced labour costs at pre-security
• Compatible with majority of biometric identification technologies
• Increased throughput
• Provision of valuable passenger data and statistics
• Platform for implementation of accurate queue management


2. Lounge Access

Ensure your most valued customers receive a faultless service

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The boarding pass, together with additional qualification credentials like frequent flyer cards, must be presented and scanned by passengers before entering a lounge operated by an airline or by the airport. This procedure is normally executed by an agent, but of course can be executed conveniently and quickly by passengers themselves using a Lounge Access AFL gate.

Gunnebo LoungeSec – Benefits

• Increased speed of service and convenience for important frequent flyer passengers
• Increased throughput
• Provides easy and fast access by avoiding inconvenient waiting times
• Ready for one-token hands-free passage with an optional facial recognition camera

3. Automated Self-Boarding

Enhance passenger experience and reduce boarding times

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Checking the boarding pass of each individual passenger boarding an aircraft is a must for every airline. However, it is a requirement which demands the full attention of those responsible and can be costly in valuable staff time. Using Gunnebo’s BoardSec AFL gate the vast majority of passengers are able to check their boarding passes themselves.

Gunnebo BoardSec – Benefits

• Huge saving costs in labour and avoidance of costly delays caused by boarding issues
• Flights can be closed earlier, shorter parking time
• Shorter waiting time for passengers
• Relief of manual work from agent who has more time for exception handling
• Fast, convenient and secure ID Check with biometric identification (e.g. facial)


4. Immigration and Border Control

Maximise your resources with efficient verification of passengers

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Border control is one of the most security sensitive areas in an airport. It requires accurate identification of incoming passengers. Gunnebo’s ImmSec immigration gate is an automated solution which accelerates the whole process, validating passengers’ identities whilst ensuring that only one person is allowed entry per authorised passage.

Gunnebo ImmSec – Benefits

• Accelerates the immigration process
• Automates the entry process and collection of data
• Increases security with integrated biometrics technology and single passage detection
• Minimises queues and queuing time
• Disabled compliant
• Ready for single token hands-free passage with an optional facial recognition camera


5. Airside to Landside Anti-Return

Secure passenger flow from airside to landside

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The PasSec anti-return gate is designed for airports or any mass transit location where there is a need to direct passenger flow in one direction.

Gunnebo PasSec – Benefits

• Controls passenger movement from secure to non-secure areas and prevents passage in the wrong direction
• Improves security with advanced detection system
• Allows high throughput with no passenger interaction
• Disabled compliant
• Sophisticated sensor detects presence, direction of movement and left or thrown items


For more information on how to enhance security and passenger flow within airports, take a look at our whitepaper.

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