Gunnebo: Safeguarding Australia with Innovative Security Solutions

On July 26, Gunnebo will be setting up shop at the Security Expo at ICC Sydney in Darling Harbour. We’ll be there alongside Australia’s top security companies to explain Gunnebo’s critical role in protecting the nation’s people and assets.

Throughout Australia, Gunnebo is well known for our speedstiles and other entrance control products. Chances are, you’ve tapped onto the train or entered a venue using one of our entrance control solutions. But did you know that our security products are actually being used right now in some of the nation’s most high-risk security sites? We explore some of Gunnebo’s lesser-known – but equally exciting – offerings here.

Security doors, windows and partitions

Protecting and safeguarding each site comes with a unique challenge and we at Gunnebo understand your needs. The challenges can be determined by the type of activity carried out, the site environment or the flow of people. Gunnebo designs and implements progressive solutions which form a part of this approach.

Gunnebo’s security doors, interlocking doors, security partitions and transaction windows are engineered to protect people, buildings and property, offering a maximum level of security for sites, staff and customers.

All solutions are designed to provide the optimum level of protection against vandalism, manual attacks, ballistics and blasts. In addition, solutions are available with multiple levels of resistance for sensitive areas without compromising freedom of movement for authorised individuals or efficiency of operation within the site.

Our products undergo rigorous testing and we certify and test our products in line with European Security Standards. This video portrays how stringent our product testing is:

Gunnebo specialises in a full range of transfer solutions including paypoint windows, transfer trays and pass-through, sliding trays, front opening counters, rotary units and intercom systems to transfer valuable items and documents securely without compromising communication.

Our partitions and transfer solutions are fully customised to your site's needs. Our partitions and transfer solutions are fully customised to your site’s needs.

Gunnebo walling systems

Gunnebo’s security walling systems have been developed to offer a deterrent and protection against manual and burglar break-in, as well as bullet and blast protection.

Gunnebo Walling System provide manual attack, bullet and blast resistance. Gunnebo Walling System provide manual attack, bullet and blast resistance.

Perimeter Protection

Good security starts from the outside. Good security starts from the outside.

Gunnebo’s vehicle security products are designed to control the flow of vehicle traffic in and out of particular sites and prevent unauthorised vehicle access to these buildings.

Our high security vehicle products consist of crash-rated bollards, crash-rated gates, Wedge Barrier Road blocker, Tyre Killers, Barrier Lift Systems and Truckstoppers. Perfect for installation in embassies, ministries, military sites and nuclear power plants, all our security products are tested to the American and British norm; DOS K12 and PAS 68 many are SCEC Endorsed.

These are just some of the exciting offerings we’ll have on display at the Security Expo. To find out more about how Gunnebo protects the nation’s people and assets, head to the expo, or check out our extensive range of products and solutions online.