Securing Critical Infrastructure and High-Risk Sites: Importance and Implications

Critical Infrastructure plays a vital role in our country’s well-being, providing services that are essential for the population to be able to live in everyday life. Ensuring this infrastructure is secure and resilient supports productivity and reliability, assisting business activities that promote economic growth. Disruption or failure to critical infrastructure or high risk sites could have serious implications on businesses, governments, and the community, ultimately impacting overall supply security and service continuity.

Gunnebo: Your Total Security Solution Provider for Critical Infrastructure Protection

When dealing with high-risk and critical infrastructure sites, it is important to think about layering the security posture so there is a level of protection at every turn. Gunnebo are your total security solution provider, with our product portfolio designed to protect from the perimeter all the way down to physical assets.

This whitepaper highlights areas deemed as critical infrastructure or a high risk site, and how Gunnebo can assist in developing a bespoke security solution to provide our customers with the highest level of protection.

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Take a look at some of our experience providing critical infrastructure and high risk sites with optimal security solutions below.