Back to Normal – International Borders Open in Australia

When the pandemic began in 2020, the majority of the world shut down. This saw both domestic and international flights ceased, and minimal flights in and out of Australia for a little under two years – something today’s society has never seen before. Throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the uncertainty surrounding domestic and international travel was a real issue among society. Family members and friends separated in different states and countries, extended periods of isolation, the inability to go on holiday and so many more repercussions from the restricted ability for travel affected many individuals.

Australia has been one of the last countries to plan on re-opening their international borders. But finally, after a long awaited nearly two years, and as of Monday February 21st 2022, Australian international borders are officially open to vaccinated travellers.

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As Australian international borders are now open, a strong focus on passenger flow and operational security are optimum components to ensure the successful return for international travel throughout our National airports. Gunnebo airport security gates offer automated passenger processing gates which are designed to accelerate the boarding / embarking process and enhance customer experience. Our gates are fitted with bio metrics technology, single person detection and passport scanning to allow passengers to experience a self-controlled journey. This journey allows freedom of movement without compromising security at every stage of the process.

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