Gunnebo LIVE: The Lunch and Learn Series

Introducing Gunnebo LIVE - The Lunch and Learn series. See what industry experts view as the future of security. Hear what will influence our industry. Be apart of the conversation.
  • Scott Taylor

    Chief Operating Officer at Southern Cross Global
  • Arye Kasten

    CEO at M.I.P. Security
  • David Oates

    Technical Security Professional
  • George Dionisopoulos

    Head of Security and Customer Service at NEXTDC
  • Pat Wilson

    Security Professional

Gunnebo Live: The Lunch And Learn Series

What we have learned at Gunnebo, and I’m sure most of you would agree, is that there is never a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to security. The facility, the users, the location, the surrounding environment are just a few of the factors that might impact on how security can be effectively implemented. Add to that the fact that some companies have their own security teams, some rely on consultants, and many just try and copy what others have done, and it can quickly become very difficult to manage, let alone stay within their budget. Every situation is different.

Scott Taylor

Chief Operating Officer at Southern Cross Global

A performance driven and versatile leader who has worked across the gamut of the security, safety and risk industry over the past twenty-seven years. Scott is a court and tribunal recognised security, safety and risk expert- evidenced by his provision of numerous expert reports in civil cases.  He has consulted and lectured throughout the Middle East and USA, as well as working with government, industry regulators and industry across all Australian States and Territories spanning the spectrum of security, risk and all industry verticals. With certifications that include a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership, Advanced Diploma in Integrated Risk Management, Diploma of Security Risk Management, Diploma of Work Health and Safety and a Diploma in Vocational Education and Training he has an unparalleled skillset that allows him to develop and provide training, consultancy and leadership based not only on his knowledge through education, but through 27 years industry experience.

Arye Kasten

CEO at M.I.P. Security

Mr. Arye Kasten is a Major (reserve) in an Israeli Defense Forces Home Front Command Risk identification Specialist Unit, and has completed a long term service in the Israeli Foreign Ministry Security Division where he was head of security at Israeli Embassies in Beijing and the Baltic States.  While in China, he oversaw the security aspects of the construction of a new state-of-the-art diplomatic compound in 2002.

Since 2002, he has been working in the private market with M.I.P. Security and has executed threat and risk analysis projects and participated in protection design and planning for government and corporate clients around the globe.  Arye has planned and ran training courses and seminars on subjects of risk assessments and security planning and has been an invited speaker at conferences. Mr. Kasten is intimately familiar with the Asia Pacific region where he continues to be actively involved in many M.I.P. Security projects. He is an expert in tailoring security programs which incorporate human resources recruitment and training, physical security and procedures.

David Oates

Technical Security Professional

David has over 15 years’ experience within the security industry, David has been working as a security consultant with GHD since 2018 and has worked as a security installation project manager and technician. In David’s current role he provides advise on security risks, risk mitigation, electronic security solutions and design, Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) compliance. David has a strong technical knowledge of electronic security systems and uses this knowledge to help meet client needs.

George Dionisopoulos

Head of Security and Customer Service at NEXTDC

You will hear from George Dionisopoulos, Head of Security and Customer Service at NEXTDC who will share NEXTDC’s view of security from a data centre perspective.  George will also provide a glimpse of real-world security challenges we are seeing today, and how they will continue to evolve over time.

Pat Wilson

Security Professional

Pat Wilson’s career spans the elite sports and venues industry across a range of roles including Events Manager at Sydney Entertainment Centre, Chief Executive of the Manly Sea Eagles, Rugby Australia General Manager, High Performance Unit and Interim Chief Executive of the Melbourne Rebels Super Rugby franchise during its establishment phase.

More recently, Pat spent 6 years as General Manager, Events and Operations with the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust. During that time, he was involved with every major event including Ashes Test matches, major concerts and presenting the Major League Baseball event between Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 2014. Pat then spent 2 years as Acting COO for Venues NSW with a focus on contributing to a successful outcome for the redevelopment of Parramatta Stadium (now Bankwest Stadium), along with overseeing the other stadia/arenas in the Venues NSW portfolio.

Pat is currently contracted to North Sydney Council, overseeing the operational and master plan elements of North Sydney Oval.

Q1: Key Considerations for Security Design

At Gunnebo we deal with customers across a broad range of industries from Retail, Banking, Airports and Data Centres, and each of them have their own considerations when designing a security solution. We asked some of them what those considerations are, and here’s what they had to say:

Q2: Security Trends

One of the other things we see is that the types of security threats keep changing. There’s been the insider threat; vehicle as a weapon; threats to critical infrastructure; and cyber threats. It’s challenging to stay across these trends and again, each type of threat needs a different type of treatment to mitigate the risk.

Q3: Cyber Security

What about Cyber Security? We hear a lot in the news about global espionage and hacking, election results being influenced and now scams related to the Coronavirus. Does this mean that Cyber security is becoming more important than physical security now? Are people working from home causing potential security issues and potentially being less aware?

Q4: The Built Environment

Let’s talk for a minute about integration between security and the built environment. Not every facility can look like a military base, some of it needs to be more subtle and integrated. How much of that are you seeing in security design?

Q5: Customer Consideration for Risk Mitigation Strategies

What are some of the factors that our panel have to consider when integrating spaces with risk mitigation strategies. How do you keep the balance between good security and good looks?

Q6: Supplier Engagement

Let’s talk about the role of suppliers. From Gunnebo’s perspective, we always find that we get the best outcomes when we are involved early in the design phase. So, I’m interested to understand how do we work towards better collaboration in the design phase without creating a conflict of interest in the delivery of the outcome?

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