Our Commitment to Sustainability


As a Global provider of high quality security solutions, our mission is to create a safer world. Our vision is to be a global leader in securing places, assets and people through revolutionised high-security solutions. To achieve this, sustainability must play a big part in everything we do.


 Our Entrance Control Business

Gunnebo Entrance Control, part of Gunnebo Group, have made a commitment to take action in being a leading ethical business, who empowers its people and are aiming to reach net zero emissions by 2045. This is a big ambition, but this type of ambition is required if we want to operate sustainably and align with the 1.5 degrees of the Paris Agreement.

Already, we are on the pathway to recognising our commitment and have taken the action needed to make sure that we are starting out correctly. Our cross-department sustainability team is shaping our path for Gunnebo to be a leading ethical business, ensuring we stay true on our commitments to our people and keeping us on track with Project Earth. Project Earth is Gunnebo Group’s project where we collect, measure and analyse our Greenhouse Gas emissions in order to understand and reduce our environmental impact and meet our commitment to SBTi; also a fundamental step in achieving our net zero emissions by 2045 goal.

Doing better as a business is also becoming ingrained in our culture. From a Global level, we have 9 Sustainability Champions who raise awareness, look for ways to empower our people and ultimately reduce our impact. From information technology, through to production, marketing and human resources; our champions are responsible for granular actions that help us fill big ambitions. In addition, we have QHSE and Plant Managers who action initiatives through our Sustainability Program Asses and Act.

As we make headway in different parts of our business, we are also actively investigating ways to develop our products to be more sustainable through material innovation, utilization of recyclable metals, less packaging, better energy consumption, and promote healthier ways of travel. We are giving our clients the information about our sustainability mission and the tools they may need to make a more informed decision about whether Gunnebo is the right choice. The Gunnebo Group’s commitment to SBTi and EcoVadis Scorecard are assurances of our intent company-wide, while a roll-out of EPDs has already started with the SpeedStile FLs BA1200 gate now available with a third-party verified certificate of performance. It


What does sustainability mean to Gunnebo Entrance Control?


Product innovation and operational excellence is shaping a more sustainable future for Gunnebo Entrance Control and our customers business. If you would like to find out more, download our pathway to a more sustainable business brochure.

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