Chubbsafes: Elevate Your Space with the Ultimate Security Solutions

Protecting important documents, valuables or technical equipment from burglary or fire is quite often an after thought when large buildings and office’s are being built. Planning how to protect your business valuables through certified products allows for peace of mind for the occupants of these spaces. Our Chubbsafes team have extensive knowledge when it comes to developing a fit out solution for offices and buildings, designed to protect and secure all valuables to the highest industry standards. Our range of safe storage solutions comprise of certified safes, fireproof filing cabinets, fireproof safes and secure storage cabinets – delivering a solution for any scenario.

Our fit out solutions assist builders and office managers to protect valuables through a range of quality features.

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Versatility for design

Chubbsafes products come in a range of sizes, allowing for versatility in the design process. In addition, majority of Chubbsafes products have the ability for additional internal fittings, allowing for the optimization of safes to the individual site’s needs.

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Secured Locking Systems

Chubbsafes products come with a variety of locking options including key locks, dual locks, and electronic locks. These locks protect assets and valuables stored within safes to the highest industry standard.

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Optimal Protection Against Fire and Burglary

A wide array of the Chubbsafes product range are certified and tested against fire and burglary, allowing for assets and valuables to be protected against potential threats.

You can view a range of our products in a fit out style environment below.

 Chubbsafes – the brand of choice.