About the TriForce T2 from Chubbsafes

One of the latest products to hit the Chubbsafes catalogue is the TriForce T2. This superior safe boasts triple-certified protection, for maximum security including:

• Burglary resistance in accordance with the updated and more stringent European standard, EN 1143-1:2019 T2, as certified by ECB•S for Grade IV T2, Grade V T2, Grade VI T2
• Tested by an independent, ISO 17025 accredited laboratory according to the NT Fire 017 – 60 Paper standard with certification managed by ECB•S
• Protection against explosives in Grade IV-VI EX. Certified by ECB•S in accordance with the stringent European standard EN 1143-1
• Optional planar protection, which is a fully integrated, alarm wiring matrix within the safe body
• Core Drill (CD) protection is available as an option whilst retaining fire protection at the same time, an industry first.

The cutting-edge TriForce T2 is available in a wide range of sizes from 95 to 1,090 litres, with combination lock and key lock as standard ensuring that there’s a safe that’s just right for your safety needs and space, whether commercial business or residential use.


About the T2 Certification

The Chubbsafes TriForce T2 has been tested and certified to the new T2 standards.

During an independent testing process, T2 tested safes are exposed to a series of more sophisticated and powerful tools like a new generation of circular saws and thermal lances to check the products’ ability to resist them. This upgrade guarantees the highest current performance in physical security.

Next to a high level of certified burglary and fire resistance, the TriForce T2 also offers protection against explosives in Grade IV-VI EX. This has been certified by ECB•S in accordance with the stringent European standard, EN 1143-1.

See for yourself how strong these safes are! Check out the explosive testing to find out exactly what they can withstand.


You can learn more about the TriForce here.